Elon Musk Tests X’s Capabilities by Livestreaming Diablo 4 to Over 660,000 Viewers


Elon Musk Tests X’s Capabilities by Livestreaming Diablo 4 to Over 660,000 Viewers

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At the time of writing, Elon Musks’s Livestream on X has a total of 662,000 views.
Live streaming on X currently requires you to be a premium member of the platform.
Apart from live streaming, Musk has other plans to turn X into a do-it-all platform, encompassing features from other social media platforms.

X, formerly known as Twitter recently unveiled a brand-new feature that would allow its users to livestream directly from the site. This marks a new direction for the platform, as it seems to be transitioning from being a simple text-based social media site to a do-it-all site under Elon Musk’s leadership. The Tesla CEO took it into his own hands to test this new feature by streaming Diablo 4 from one of his burner accounts. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Elon Musk Streams Diablo 4 to X Using OBS

The richest man in the world took it upon himself to stream Diablo 4 as a way of testing his social media platform’s new game-streaming feature. The game was streamed from what was probably one of his burner accounts with the username @cyb3rgam3r420. The stream lasted for about 52 minutes showcasing Elon playing through the game, talking through its features, and his gameplay experiences with the Blizzard title.

By the end of the stream, the Billionaire mentioned that he would stream his attempt to complete a Tier 100 Nightmare dungeon, which really does make him a bit of a hardcore gamer.

Elon Musk also mentions that the stream was connected via OBS Studios, a free and open-source cross-platform streaming software. He also shared a video posted by Mark Kalman, who is the engineering lead for media on X. The 4-minute video roughly showed how you can use the open-source software to directly stream to the platform. Apart from following a few intuitive prompts, the process mainly involves copying the stream key and pasting it onto OBS. Users can customize their stream directly from the software which does provide a variety of options.

Do note that the streaming feature of X will only be available if you pay for the monthly subscription, which would give you the blue checkmark along with making you a Premium subscriber of the platform.

X Has the Potential to Become a Twitch and YouTube Competitor

 The CEO of X, Linda Yaccarino, and Elon Musk have plans to remodel the website from being a text-based social media platform into a much bigger service that would comprise feature-length videos and monetization options. This is probably the first step in Musk’s ambitious plans to develop X into an all-encompassing social media platform.

Back in June, Twitch had made changes to its guidelines that hurt many streamers who made their revenue from branded content. As a result, several streamers decided to make the switch to alternate platforms such as YouTube Gaming, Facebook Live, etc. 

Considering these changes, there are now many eyes on the development of X’s live-streaming abilities, which could potentially serve as a viable platform for creators. If it goes according to plan, we can certainly expect X to have an impact on other game-streaming platforms.

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