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Alan Wake 2


Alan Walk 2 is one of the best titles released this year, delivering a spooky and compelling experience.
The sequel, set after 13 years, features two protagonists, including the crime fiction writer and an FBI agent investigating his disappearance.
It's a horror survival at its best, and we've got our Alan Wake 2 Info Hub to help you get immersed in this experience.

After more than a decade since the release of the original title, Alan Wake 2 has finally arrived. Developed by Remedy Studios, players will be this time taking control of not only Wake but FBI agent Sage Anderson in an ultimate survival horror that can be played in any order you like from two single-player stories available. 

The game is tailored for next-gen hardware, the gameplay wants to benefit from the capabilities offered, and from everything we’ve seen so far, the sequel is delivering on all the promises. Whether you’re a returning fan or a newcomer to the series, Alan Wake 2 will provide a truly terrifying experience just in time for Halloween.

If you’re looking to know more about the latest Alan Wake 2 details, we’ve got you covered! Head below for the latest Alan Wake 2 details, including its story length, where it takes place if it is a multiplayer, and much more. 

Alan Wake 2

How Long is Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 isn’t particularly a long game, and it takes roughly 12-13 hours to beat on your first playthrough. The original title took around 11 hours to finish, and the second game isn’t far off from that mark.

However, if you’re looking for a standard run and want to gather some collectibles, it will take you around 20-24 hours to complete the game. Don’t sleep on getting all the collectibles; they’re a crucial part of the game’s narrative!

But if you’re someone who wants to finish the entire game and find everything, it will take you 28-30 hours. This includes both character’s main story missions and all the collectibles.

What is Alan Wake 2 About?

As we’ve previously talked about story details, the sequel takes place 13 years after the in-game events of the original Alan Wake. In the present day, after Wake went missing, Bright Falls witnesses a series of ritualistic killings. A brand-new character, FBI agent Saga Anderson, is sent to investigate these murders. However, she gets caught up in a story of supernatural horror – a story created by Alan Wake himself in an attempt to break free from his captors.

Alan Wake 2

Is Max Payne in Alan Wake 2?

The sequel connects to several of Remedy Entertainment’s previous titles, and fans have been speculating that FBI agent Alex Casey could be Max Payne in the sequel. However, Sam Lake has confirmed that Max Payne is not in the Alan Wake 2. So, while Alex Casey may look and sound just like Max Payne, it seems like these two detectives are completely different characters altogether.

Is Jake Gyllenhaal in Alan Wake 2?

Ever since the release of the announcement trailer, fans have been wondering if it’s Jake Gyllenhaal playing Alan Wake, but that’s not the case. It’s confirmed that Alan Wake himself is played by the Finnish actor Ilkka Villi. He portrayed Alan Wake in the original and live-action media, such as the song War by Poets of the Fall.

Alan Wake 2

Is Alan Wake 2 Multiplayer?

There’s a point in the game where you can switch between Alan and Saga, but the core game still remains a single-player game. Unfortunately, there’s no multiplayer or co-op of any kind. While you can constantly change your point of view between Alan and Saga during key moments, you won’t get a chance to team up with a friend for some double-trouble horror gameplay.

Is Alan Wake 2 Coming to Steam?

With the game finally out, players are wondering if they’ll be able to play it on Steam. However, Alan Wake 2 is an Epic Games exclusive on PC. We still don’t have an official date from Remedy Entertainment or Epic Games for when the game will no longer be an exclusive.

Alan Wake 2

Is Alan Wake 2 On Xbox Game Pass?

With more than 400 unique games, Xbox regularly brings everything from triple AAA titles to highly anticipated indie titles to the game service. Unfortunately, Alan Wake 2 is not available on Xbox Games Pass. Remedy Games still hasn’t announced any details of whether the game will come to Xbox Game Pass in the future.

However, we might eventually see the game making a debut on Game Pass as Control from Remedy Games arrived on the server in December 200. However, it was 16 months after the game was released in August 2019.

Do You Need to Play Alan Wake 1 Before Alan Wake 2?

If you’ve never played Alan Wake or can’t remember the story since its 2012 release date, don’t worry! You don’t need to play or experience the first game in any capacity to enjoy Alan Wake 2. 

However, if you do decide to play the original game, it will make parts of the game easier to understand. Remedy Games has described Alan Wake sequel as a stand-alone experience; newcomers can enjoy the sequel without any past knowledge of the previous game.

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