How Long is Alan Wake 2?

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How Long is Alan Wake 2


Remedy Entertainment has finally released the long-awaited Alan Wake sequel, and players can now return to Bright Falls alongside Wake and FBI agent Saga Anderson.
But how long can you spend in Bright Falls? Here's everything you need to know about how long is Alan Wake 2.

It’s been 13 years since the release of Remedy Game’s popular psychological horror title Alan Wake, which brought players to Bright Falls and Cauldron Lake for the first time. Now, a whole new tale connecting the first game and Control to Alan and Saga’s new mystery has begun.

Alan Wake 2 has finally launched after over a decade and is being praised for its impressive visuals, suspenseful storyline, and more by fans and critics alike. Gamers are enjoying diving into this new story, but many are left asking themselves: how long is Alan Wake 2? The total time you’ll be spending on the game depends on every player’s experience, but we’ll give you an idea of how long is Alan Wake 2.

How Long is Alan Wake 2

How Long Does it Take to Complete Alan Wake 2?

The time it will take you to complete Alan Wake depends on your chosen playstyle. If you’re someone who is mainly focusing on the main story, it will take around 12-13 hours to complete the game on your first playthrough.

For a standard playthrough, which includes some exploration and finding collectibles, you will have to invest around 20-24 hours to complete the game.

However, if you’re a completionist who doesn’t want to leave anything behind and wants to find all the collectibles to immerse yourself in the game fully, it will take you 28-30 hours to complete the game. This includes both character’s main story missions and all the collectibles.

The game features multiple difficulty modes, including Nightmare mode, which becomes available later. Completing the game, with all collectibles, will take you around 30 hours on normal difficulty, but the time can significantly increase with more challenging modes. The developers have confirmed that they’re working on a New Game Plus mode, alternative narrative, and a whole new difficulty level.

It’s crucial to take your time, explore, and collect all the items the game offers. Not only does this improve the gameplay, but it also enriches your story experience, bringing you into the Remedy Connected Universe. 

And that’s everything you need to know about how long is Alan Wake 2. Be sure to follow us as we’ll keep you updated on the latest Alan Wake 2 news and guides.

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