Is Alan Wake 2 Coming to Steam


Is Alan Wake 2 Coming to Steam?

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Alan Wake 2 is now available on PS5, Xbox, and PC, but fans can't find the game on Steam.
If you're wondering if Alan Wake 2 is coming to Steam, we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about Alan Wake 2's release on Steam.

Well, there’s no doubt that Valve’s Steam platform is the preferred choice for most PC gamers. However, there are times when some titles may not immediately appear on the platform due to exclusive deals, particularly those with Epic Games. 

Alan Wake 2 is finally here, over 13 years after the original game left us hanging. But on PC, it’s exclusive to Epic Games Store, at least at the launch. Many players are left wondering: Is Alan Wake 2 coming to Steam? Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Alan Wake 2 Coming to Steam

Will Alan Wake 2 Come to Steam?

Short Answer: No! Alan Wake 2 has no plans to come to Steam, as it’s exclusively available on Epic Games Store for PC users. Epic Games funded the development of Alan Wake 2, and probably, as a part of the deal between Remedy and Epic, Alan Wake 2 had to be exclusive, at least at the launch, to the Epic Games Store. Epic Games is also the publisher of Alan Wake 2, and they funded the development costs for the 2021 Alan Wake remaster. Epic Games is the one who gets to decide where the game is sold.

Epic Games wants to promote Epic Games Store, which is a new platform as compared to Steam, and Epic is paying developers and offering them incentives to bring their games to Epic Games Store. 

Alan Wake 2 is unlikely to be released on Steam any time soon. However, don’t lose hope! As we’ve seen with a few recent titles that were Epic Games Store exclusives, they eventually made their way to Steam a year after their releases.

Control and Sifu were Epic Games Store exclusive at their release but were eventually added to Steam one year after their release. However, Alan Wake 2 is quite different since Epic Games funded its entire development.

It will probably take more than a year for Alan Wake 2 to become available on Steam, but you can still play the original game and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on Steam. 

And that’s everything you need to know about Alan Wake 2’s release on Steam. Be sure to follow us for more Alan Wake 2 news and guide. 

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