Loco’s The MVP is aimed at highlighting the importance of having the unwavering support & confidence of parents in their children’s streaming and gaming careers


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All the Games, Parent Traps & Untold Stories Featured on Loco’s The MVP

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Homegrown live streaming platform Loco has been creating quite the buzz and impact on the Indian gaming and esports landscape with its innovative and engaging campaigns. Loco’s new series “The MVP” was aimed at highlighting the importance of having the unwavering support and confidence of parents in their children’s streaming and gaming careers. The series, which was a reversal of roles between well-known Indian gaming personalities and their mothers, was a huge success and put our favorite streamers in an all-new spotlight. 

Each episode of The MVP featured fun segments with mini-games, making it an exciting watch as fans witnessed their favorite gamers go up against their mothers in a friendly competition. While the mothers try their hand at gaming, the gamers had a taste of what their mothers do every day.

The four episodes of The MVP featured Tanmay “Scout” Singh, Pratik “Alpha Clasher” Jogiya, Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal, Kaashvi “Kaashplays” Hiranandani, and their mothers.

Secrets were spilled

The first episode of The MVP featuring Scout and his mother Sasmita Singh revealed a lot about Scout’s adolescence. She revealed that Scout was a cheeky negotiator when it came to balancing studies and playing games. In the second episode, Alpha Clasher’s mother Vilas Ashok Jogia echoed Sasmita Singh’s sentiments and mentioned being confused at some of Pratik’s antics. She recalled an incident when happened to chance upon him doing a voiceover for his video and was utterly confused, she later woke up Pratik’s dad to complain about how loud he was in the middle of the night. 

Bhakti Paudwal, Goblin’s mother, revealed that he always had female fans from a young age. Meanwhile, Molly Hiranandani, Kaashvi’s mom and MVP revealed that Kaashvi was quite the prankster, and how it made her anxious at times.

Scout vs Sasmita Singh

Fun, exciting game segments

The first segment of The MVP where the mothers had to play video games is called ‘Game On’. While Scout’s mom played FIFA, Alpha Clasher taught his mother to play GTA V.  Meanwhile, Goblin’s mother played BGMI, and Kaashvi’s mom learned to play Valorant. One thing that all the mothers learned was that gaming is not all easy and it is all the more difficult to multitask – talk to chat, play well, and keep the audience engaged – while streaming. 

In the Parent Trap segment, Scout was tasked to find out everyday ingredients placed within a box in the ‘Guess What’s in the Box’ game. It was hilarious to see him guess almost every item wrong. Likewise, we saw how Alpha Clasher struggled to knead the dough and cut vegetables. 

Goblin’s Parent Trap seemed the most difficult out of the lot. He had to choose between different numbered bags, and guess the weightage of the product and its price placed inside it approximately. Every time he answered wrong, he had to pick up chits with different punishments and do them. One of the penalties he had was to name a female gamer or streamer he has a crush on and Goblin named Payal, which Bhakti already guessed. 

Molly Hiranandani’s Parent Trap segment was straightforward and entertaining. It was a rapid-fire round and Kaashvi had to either answer the question or take a shot of the different spicy juices and concoctions that were placed in front of her.

Doubts wiped clean, tensions quelled

Every parent has the slightest doubt and fear when they learn that their child is live streaming or playing games professionally for a living. However, there has been a drastic change in how people, especially the older generation, perceive gaming and esports today, given that the industry has become mainstream. What used to be frowned upon and considered a mere hobby by parents and society has now genuinely become a career choice for many.

Talking about this on The MVP, Scout’s mother said, “I’ve come to realize the fact that there is a career in gaming.” She also appealed to the parents and asked them to encourage their kids’ gaming dreams while still reminding them to focus on their studies. 

Mirroring this, Vilas Ashok said at first they were worried about how their son would make a living out of streaming. Then she learned about esports tournaments and that people can earn money by playing games. Jogia said, “He [Alpha Clasher] has come a long way. In such little time, he has earned enough money that he cleared the home loan and also our shop loan.” She was also very proud of the fact that Alpha Clasher traveled to South Korea at the early age of 18 years and even won $10,000 USD at the All Asia Influencer Fest. 

Bhakti Paudwal said that she feels immense happiness when she gets recognized as Goblin’s mother by her students at school. She asked parents to trust their children’s decisions and pointed out that they could also be right. Talking about the importance of education, Molly said, “Give them a good education, good upbringing, and values and the genius will surely surface and they will eventually follow their passion.” 

While the gamers and their moms thanked Loco for having them on the newest show, The MVP, the fans also thoroughly enjoyed this series featuring Scout, Alpha Clasher, Goblin, and Kaashvi. The audience had the chance to witness friendly banter, learn cute yet surprising secrets, and also feel the humanness of their favorite streamers. If you have not watched The MVP yet, you can log into Loco and watch all four episodes on Loco Originals.

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