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Loco's Instagram: Where Indian Gaming and Esports Meet Humor

Abhimannu Das
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Loco's Instagram account is home to some of the best memes about Indian gaming and esports personalities.
It's not just about the memes though, Loco also gives an inside look at the Indian Gaming and Esports Community, the culture, the players, the tournaments, and more.
If you have not been keeping up with Loco’s Instagram account you are missing out on some of the best memes about your favorite content creators and pro players.

Gaming is loved by all, far and wide, and one of the things that makes it so enjoyable is the sense of community and camaraderie it fosters. From esports athletes and pro-gamers who engage in intense and serious gaming,  to those who enjoy casual gaming for entertainment and as a hobby, gaming has something for everyone. Platforms like Loco enable gamers from across geographies to connect, stream and enjoy their favorite content as a community.

Loco's Instagram account is a particularly interesting corner of the Indian gaming and esports community. It serves as a hub for funny and entertaining content, highlighting the humorous side of gaming culture. From comical translations of popular content creators' names to silly moments caught on camera at esports events, the account is full of relatable and entertaining content that will make you laugh. It's not just about the memes though, the account also gives an inside look at the Indian Gaming and Esports Community, the culture, the players, the tournaments, and the happenings.

It's a great way to stay connected with the Indian gaming community and get a sense of the culture, all while having a little bit of fun. Whether you're a serious competitive player, a casual gamer or a serial memer, you're sure to find something on Loco's Instagram account that will make you smile.

“Arre Bahut Jagah Hai” - Scout and Mavi at BGMS 2022

Public transportation in India can be chaotic and a clip of two elderly citizens went viral last year that showed them arguing over seat space on a bus. The audio of the viral clip was slapped onto a video showing Tanmay “Scout” Singh and Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh having a discussion during the BGMI Masters Series 2022 with the caption “Me and my friend are stuck on a small rock in last circle.” 

Anyone who has played final circles a lot in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) can easily relate to the meme and understand the frustrations of having to work with limited space.

Disney-fied Indian Esports Personalities

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney are all the rage these days. Midjourney is an AI-based tool that lets you create almost any kind of image in seconds. You can even upload your own photo and make it look like Disney characters, which is exactly what Loco did in this post. 

Kaashvi Hiranandani, Scout, and other creators and esports stars from the Indian gaming community got a Disney makeover. Check out the post above to see your favorite personalities in their glorious Disney avatars. 

Google Translate Gone Wrong 

Google Translate is usually a reliable tool to translate a phrase or two to help you understand foreign languages. But it is far from perfect and can show some absurd translations at times. Loco put in names of popular gaming and esports personalities from India and some of the translations were just wild!

Here are some of our favorites - 8bit Madman was translated to “8bit Pagal Aadamee”, Beast Gaming was translated to “Javvar Gaming” and Spraygod was translated to “Bauchaar Bhagavaan”. Check out the posts above to see all of the hilarious translations.

Loco’s Diwali Special

Diwali is synonymous with fireworks so Loco celebrated the festival of lights by designing crackers designed after popular streamers and esports stars. While fans wish that these fireworks were real, unfortunately, they are not (for now). 

Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, Raj “Snax Gaming” Varma, and other top creators on Loco were put on firework packages and fans had a ‘blast’ looking at them. Maybe it is time to petition Loco creators to launch their own fireworks during festivals!

Cricket Commentary in BGMI 

During BGMI Masters Series 2022, Loco shared a clip of Randeep "Attanki" Singh Bhullar and Aaru having fun among themselves but there was a twist. Instead of commentary by Ocean Sharma, Loco added an audio snippet of cricket commentary by sports commentator Aakash Chopra where he praises the shot. The audio blends in perfectly and it is one of the most hilarious posts by Loco on its Instagram account. 

Your First Smartphone 

Loco took us on a nostalgia trip with its post “POV: You just got your first smartphone”. The mobile gaming market is dominated by games like Free Fire, New State, Clash of Clans, and more. But the games that a lot of us grew up playing in an earlier era of smartphones were  Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Temple Run, Asphalt 8 among others. 

If you have not been keeping up with Loco’s Instagram account you are missing out on some of the best memes about your favorite content creators and pro players. What we shared was just a fraction of the funny and wholesome memes that you’ll find. You can view more memes on its Instagram handle

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