Valorant Record and Replay System Global Version: Release Date, Features, More

Is it going to be different from the Chinese version?!

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Valorant Record And Replay System Global Version: Complete Details


A new record and replay system was spotted in the Chinese version of Valorant which is slated to release later this month.
Many in the community were upset and demanded to know when the global version of the game would get a similar feature.
Here is everything we know about the global version of Valorant receiving an in-game record and replay system.

News about Valorant China releasing later in July was recently revealed to the community. It seems to be launching with some exclusives including a neat record and replay system, which has been missing from the global version ever since the game was officially released in June 2020.

Additionally, China will also be getting a unique melee weapon skin which has not gone down well with its global playerbase. However, there is a chance that a different version of the highly requested record and replay system might soon release for the global version of Valorant.

Here is everything that we know about the upcoming record and replay system including when it might release globally, predicted features, and other such leaked information.

Valorant Record and Replay System Global Version: Everything we know so far

Information about Valorant China receiving a swanky record and replay system called 'Fearless Moment' was leaked on 29th July via multiple channels and outlets.

According to the teaser, this feature works similarly to the third-party software Overwolf, which is designed to help players create content out of their gameplay footage. Further, it seems to be integrated with the Chinese version of Valorant and supposedly cannot be accessed by players from other countries.

Many players questioned why the global version had not been introduced to this record and replay system even after three years, while China was getting it from the very first day.

Well, there were a few responses made to address this, and here is what we know about the global version getting a similar feature.

Estimated Release Date

North American Coach and Caster, Sean Gares, had put up a similar question asking if the global version of Valorant would also be getting the record and replay feature soon.

To this, Mike (Valor Leaks), a popular and trusted insider had said that it would be released next year in 2024, as it was still in development for the main client.

"We should see replays early next year or later on. They have a working system now," said Mike.

Record and Replay Feature Valorant Global: Release Date

As of now, nothing is set in stone, but according to leaks and speculations, it seems that the record and replay feature could release for the global version of Valorant sometime in 2024.

Predicted Features

A developer who works on Valorant, Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, responded to the same query and explained that the record and replay feature released for Valorant China is nothing but a "video highlight system built into Tencent's game launcher for Valorant."

He basically clarified that it was not something bound to Valorant but a feature that was infused with the regional game client, which is different from the one used by the rest of the world.

Gylfason added that the developers were working on compiling a technical deep dive about their progress on the record and replay system for Valorant, something they hope to share with the community in the next couple of months.

What this means is that Valorant has not specifically designed a record and replay feature for the Chinese version of the game. It is something that comes along with Tencent's game launcher and runs similarly to Overwolf.

Basically, it provides players with their recorded gameplay footage only from their point of view (POV) and highlights all special moments that occurred in the game along with a list of their statistics.

A huge limitation that will likely not be there in the global version of the game, which is still under development but will allegedly work like a proper record and replay system, providing players with the utmost freedom to gain any and every bit of information from their matches.

This is everything we know about the record and replay system that the global version of the game might get by next year. An update on this has been promised by a Valorant developer in a couple of months. Let's see if we receive any positive news later this year or not.

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