Valorant Premier Ignition Stage: Important Dates, Schedule, Key Changes

Time to team up once again!

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Valorant Premier Ignition Stage: Complete Leaked Details


Information about the next season of Premier called Valorant Premier Ignition Stage has been leaked and it seems to hold a lot of promise.
Riot Games has seemingly worked on much of the feedback it received from the community for this season of the Valorant Premier Ignition Stage.
Here is all the leaked information including important dates, overall schedule, and key changes arriving to Valorant Premier Ignition Stage.

Valorant players better start reaching out to their friends and teammates to build their lineups for the upcoming Valorant Premier Ignition Stage which is all set to return next month, according to information shared by popular and trusted leaker ValorLeaks.

The first iteration, Valorant Premier Global Open Beta was released on 25th April 2023, providing the first-ever in-game competitive experience to all players. It was loved by the community but had its share of feedback to be worked upon, some of which have been addressed by the developers ahead of its second run.

Here is everything you need to know about the Valorant Premier Ignition Stage including important dates, complete schedule, and key changes.

Valorant Premier Ignition Stage: Complete Details

The feature added to Valorant back in April worked out great for both types of players, those looking to experience what it feels like to compete as a team and those serious about the professional grassroots setup.

Now, it has returned once again to enthrall the community, pitching teams against each other to see who triumphs as the champion across different tiers.

Valorant Premier Ignition Stage: Important Dates

The information has been released and here is all the information you need about the various important dates.

  • Registration Dates: 11th to 20th July

  • Weekly Matches Start Date: 20th July

  • Weekly Matches Duration: 20th July to 12th August

  • Start Date (Playoff Tournament): 13th August

A thing to note here is that Riot Games has extended the registration time from four days to more than a week after listening to community feedback from the previous season.

Valorant Premier Ignition Stage: Overall Schedule

  • The registration will begin on 11th July and take place for a whole week until 20th July.

  • This will be followed by the weekly matches immediately starting from 20th July onwards.

  • These matches will take place for four weeks after which the playoffs will kick off from 13th August onwards.

Do keep in mind that these dates might change according to the region, not by much but most likely a day behind or ahead depending on the time zone.

Valorant Premier Ignition Stage: Key Changes

Several significant changes have been made to the new season of Valorant Premier based on some of the community feedback that the developers took a note of and have improved upon.

  1. Improvements have been made when it comes to creating a team and the overall enrollment process.

  2. The schedule for each and every match has been adjusted regionally.

  3. Going forward all the playoff matches will have a live score.

  4. The playoffs will follow a new format where the consolation bracket has been removed.

This is all we know so far about the upcoming Valorant Premier Ignition Stage which will very much be a part of the ongoing Episode 7 Act 1 that started on 27th June. This season is packed with a lot of new features and is going to keep the players occupied for hours with plenty of things to try out.

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