Valorant Premier Ignition Stage: Rewards for Participating, Winning Explained

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>There are a handful of rewards for players who take part in the Valorant Premier Ignition Stage.</p></div>
There are a handful of rewards for players who take part in the Valorant Premier Ignition Stage.


Premier Ignition Stage is kicking off on 11th July.
There are a handful of rewards for players who take part in the Premier Ignition Stage.

Valorant’s competitive in-game tournament system, Premier, is coming back to the client for one last test before it launches officially in August. This time around it will be called Premier Ignition Stage which is kicking off on 11th July. While the first iteration of Valorant Premier Global Open Beta was loved by players, it still had to iron out a few creases. Now, Riot Games has gone back to the drawing board to bring in some changes for Premier Ignition Stage. 

The enrollment period, the weekly format, and the Playoff tournament for Premier have all undergone changes. Additionally, there are a handful of rewards for players who take part in the Premier Ignition Stage. Here’s all we know about them.

Valorant Premier Ignition Stage: What’s Changing?

Here is an overview of the changes that are coming to the Valorant Premier Ignition Stage that kicks off on 11th July:

  • Firstly, the enrollment period has been extended from four days to 1-week

  • Riot Games has also improved the team creation and enrollment flow processes

  • Notably, the queue schedules are now tailored to each Zone

  • The tournament brackets will now update progress in real-time

  • Riot Games has removed the consolation bracket

The important dates to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Premier Ignition Overall Timeline: 11th July to 13th August

  • Enrollment period: 11th July to 20th July

  • Weekly Matches: 20th July to 12th August

  • Playoff Tournament: 13th August

After Premier Ignition ends, teams along with their match history and Premier MMR will carry over to the official stage one of Premier when it launches officially in August.

Valorant Premier Ignition Rewards

Riot Games said, “Rewards for participating and for winning the Playoff tournament will be distributed on August 13 - the day after Ignition Stage ends.” As a result, just signing up and participating in Valorant’s Premier will guarantee you a reward. In the case that you win the Playoff as well, you get two rewards.

The rewards for winning the playoff include a unique Gun Buddy and a Title. However, players will be given a Player Card for participating in Premier and playing at least one match.

The gun buddy is a gold-color one that resembles Premier’s logo and has a unique look since it is three-dimensional. There are no details on what the title or the Player Card will look like at this point.

This article will be updated with those details when Riot Games releases more information in the coming days.

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