Valorant China: Release Date, Exclusive Skin, New Replay-Recording System, More


Valorant China: Release Date, Exclusive Skin, New Replay-Record System, More

Same game, new region, special treatment?!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valorant China is all set to release in the country following an official event that recently took place in Shanghai.
Valorant China is going to release with a lot of exclusives like a special melee weapon skin and an inbuilt record-replay system.
Here is everything you need to know about Valorant China, how different will it be from global Valorant, extra features it has to offer, and more.

Valorant China will soon be a reality as the game is all set to launch its open beta in the country. This confirmation comes straight from Riot Games following an official event that took place in Shanghai, China.

The game's closed beta was released on 7th April 2020 followed by a full global release two months later on 2nd June. However, this did not include China, whose doors remained closed for the title until December 2022.

Three weeks ago on 5th June, it was revealed that Valorant would soon launch its open beta in China. Now, the release date of the game has been finalized in a regional event attended by senior Riot Games executives like John Needham - President of Esports, Whalen Rozelle - COO of Esports, and Anna Donlon - SVP and Executive Producer of Valorant.

Here is everything you need to know about Valorant China and features that will be released exclusively for this version of the game.

Here is everything you need to know about Valorant China

In December last year, Riot Games was finally given permission to launch Valorant in China, but they had to strictly adhere to certain directives and gameplay changes for bringing the game in tune with the regional values of the country.

Everything seems to have gone well since then as Valorant is all set to roll out its open beta for China on 12th July 2023, according to the announcement made by Riot Games during an official event held in Shanghai, China.

  • Valorant China Release Date: 12th July 2023

  • Valorant China will initially release 16 agents and four maps, with more to follow soon.

  • Valorant China players will get a chance to purchase an exclusive melee weapon skin called Fire Blade.

  • Valorant China will release a new recording and replay system called Fearless Moment which will be built into the client itself.

  • Valorant China will be integrated into the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT).

Valorant China: New Recording and Replay Tool

Valorant China: All Agents and Maps

Valorant China will be launching with an initial set of 16 agents and four maps, which will obviously expand with time.


  1. Sage

  2. Jett

  3. Phoenix

  4. Brimstone

  5. Viper

  6. Omen

  7. Sova

  8. Cypher

  9. Reyna

  10. Killjoy

  11. Skye

  12. Harbor

  13. Neon

  14. Raze

  15. Chamber

  16. Breach


  1. Bind

  2. Ascent

  3. Haven

  4. Split

Valorant China: Exclusive Skin

The Valorant players from China might be late to the game but they are getting a chance to purchase a melee weapon skin exclusive to the region called Fire Blade.

This skin idea seems very similar to that of the Celestial melee which is also a fan-based weapon. However, Fire Blade is much more beautiful in terms of its overall design and craftsmanship.

Valorant China: Fire Blade

Valorant China: Recording and Replay System

The biggest feature that Valorant China is receiving is the exclusive recording and replay system called 'Fearless Moment' which has been built into the game itself.

Players can access it whenever to view their recorded games, directly jump to key moments, replay any part of the game, and even allow instant upload.

There will be two main settings available to players for tweaking this record-replay system:

Record Hotkey


  • Show/Hide Recording Plugin In-Game

  • Start/End Recording

Record Settings

Basic Settings

  • Microphone Setting

  • Microphone Input

Recording Quality

  • SD - 720P | 30 FPS | 100 MB / Minute

  • HD - 1080P | 30 FPS | 300 MB / Minute

  • Ultra HD - 1080P | 60 FPS | 500 MB / Minute

  • Set Storage Limit: X GB

  • Automatic Delete or Manual Delete

  • Recording Save Location: C:\Program Files\Valorant\

  • Encoder: NVIDIA@ NVENC New (Uses GPU)

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Valorant China release. The region is getting a lot of exclusives, cosmetics and gameplay features, while other regions only hope that they can also get their hands on this fancy new replay-record feature that the game has to offer.

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