Valorant Redeem Codes (July 2023): Free Items, How to Get, More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valorant Redeem Codes (July 2023): Free Items, How To Get, More</p></div>
Valorant Redeem Codes (July 2023): Free Items, How To Get, More


Valorant Redeem Codes is a feature by the developers to give certain freebies to the community from time to time.
Valorant Redeem Codes are seldom released either to commemorate an occasion or celebrate certain milestones.
Here is everything you need to know about the active Valorant Redeem Codes this month and how you can go about claiming them.

There is not a single gamer who does not like free stuff and Valorant knows this very well, occasionally giving away free items to its community via Redeem Codes that do not require any kind of commitment except for a Riot Games account.

Valorant Redeem Codes are not fixed and are randomly released by the developers, mostly to celebrate certain occasions or game-specific milestones. The fact that they are not directly available in the game and at times not publicized makes the items they drop all the more special and unique.

Here are all the active Valorant Redeem Codes that interested players can claim. We will keep updating this space throughout the month of July as and when more of them are released by the developers.

Valorant Redeem Codes (July 2023): Complete Details

Usually details about the Valorant Redeem Codes are released by Valorant via its social channels, during event livestreams, or even through blogs on its website.

In case you might have missed out on those announcements, here are the Redeem Codes that are currently available, but make sure you grab them as fast as possible because most of them are around only for a limited-time.

Also, do not expect to get anything extremely valuable because to date no skins have been obtained via these Valorant Redeem Codes. However, there are plenty of Player Cards, Titles, and other such cosmetics that are given away through these codes.

Active Valorant Redeem Codes (July 2023)

  • YTILAUD - Duality Player Card

Sadly, at this point in time, this is the only available Valorant Redeem Code that is active and available. Hopefully, more of them will be added to the game through the month of July 2023.

Valorant Redeem Codes: July 2023

Expired Valorant Redeem Codes

In the past many items have been given away by the developers through these Valorant Redeem Codes. Unfortunately, once they expire the codes are practically useless and even if used by the players will not result in any drops.

  • PRISMATIC - Rainbow Pride Player Card

  • COTTONCANDY - Cotton Candy Pride Player Card

  • PRIMARY - Primary Pride Player Card

  • GALACTIC - Galactic Pride Player Card

  • SUNSET - Sunset Pride Player Card

  • TWILIGHT - Twilight Pride Player Card

  • SHERBET - Sherbet Pride Player Card

  • JUBILANT01 - Proud Player Title

  • JUBILANT02 - Ally Player Title

Valorant Redeem Codes: Pride Player Cards

How to Redeem Valorant Codes

For all those new to Valorant or unaware of how the Valorant Redeem Codes work, here is how you can claim the free rewards.

  1. Visit the official website through which the Valorant Redeem Codes can be used.

  2. Here, log in to your Valorant or Riot Games account. Make sure that the account is correct because the redeemed item will directly go here.

  3. In case you do not have one, there are other log in options like email address, Google, Facebook, or Apple account.

  4. Once you are logged in, copy any code from the list provided above and paste it on the redemption page.

  5. Hit the submit button to redeem the particular code.

  6. Now, open Valorant and you will notice that a new item has been added to your inventory.

This is everything you need to know about the Valorant Redeem Codes which is nothing but an extra feature provided by Riot Games for the community to enjoy some freebies from time to time.

While currently only one of them is active, hopefully, the developers will add a few more to the list and release it for the community throughout the month of July 2023.

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