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A hint of 90's with a bit of sci-fi.

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Valorant Neo Frontier Skinline: Complete Details



Valorant has released a new bundle called the Neo Frontier Skinline which has replaced the NO LIMITS Bundle in the shop.
The Neo Frontier Skinline comprises five weapon skins and a unique reactive gun buddy with a special feature.
Here is everything you need to know about the Neo Frontier Skinline.

Riot Games is all set to introduce a new skinline for Valorant right after the VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo called the Neo Frontier Skinline. It will be replacing the currently active NO LIMITS Bundle which went live on 15th July to celebrate the international tournament taking place in Japan.

The Neo Frontier Skinline is themed as an amalgamation of Old West and Sci-Fi, something that can be noticed as players level up their skins after purchasing them.

All weapons that are a part of this bundle come with animations, custom inspects, visual effects, audio, a finisher, and a kill banner. However, most of these features are locked and players will have to level up their weapons to access them.

Here is everything you need to know about the new Valorant bundle, Neo Frontier Skinline, to help you make a better decision whether to purchase something or not.

Valorant Neo Frontier Skinline: Complete Details

All skins that are a part of this bundle have been made using advanced, cutting-edge technology, that blends the Old West with the Neo Future creating the perfect line of weapons.

The official product description reads, "This new skinline promises to continue Frontier's dominance for centuries to come."

Valorant Neo Frontier Skinline: Weapons

There will be a total of five weapon skins in this collection, including a melee weapon which will be a battle axe.

  1. Neo Frontier Phantom

  2. Neo Frontier Odin

  3. Neo Frontier Marshal

  4. Neo Frontier Sheriff

  5. Neo Frontier Axe (Melee)

Valorant Neo Frontier Skinline: Bundle

Talking about the entire bundle, here are all the items that it will have.

  1. Phantom - 2175 VP

  2. Sheriff - 2175 VP

  3. Marshal - 2175 VP

  4. Odin - 2175 VP

  5. Axe (Melee) - 4350 VP

  6. Reactive Gun Buddy - Shows Top Fragger Image - 475 VP

  7. Player Card (Western) - 375 VP

  8. Player Card (Neo) - 375 VP

  9. Spray - 325 VP

The entire bundle will cost 8700 VP which is the equivalent of four weapon skins only as the rest of the items are discounted and given away for free.

Neo Frontier Skinline - Spray


Valorant Neo Frontier Skinline: Upgrades and Variants

For all the weapons excluding the melee, there will be four levels of upgrades, and every skin will have three variants of different color combinations.

Weapon Upgrades

  • Level 1:  Default Old West Model, Bullets, and ADS (aim down sight) Reticle.

  • Level 2: Custom Animations and Firing Audio.

  • Level 3: Sci-Fi Model, New ADS Reticle, New Animations, Visual Effects, Audio.

  • Level 4: Finisher and Kill Banner.

Weapon Variants

  • Variant 1: Purple Design with Purple Finisher and Kill Banner.

  • Variant 2: White-Blue Mix Design with Blue Finisher and Kill Banner.

  • Variant 3: Orange-Blue Mix Design with Orange Finisher and Kill Banner.

Melee Upgrades

  • Level 1: Default Old West Model, New Equip, Right Click Animation.

  • Level 2: Sci-Fi Model, New Visual Effects, New Audio

Melee Variants

  • Variant 1: Purple Design

  • Variant 2: White-Blue Mix Design

  • Variant 3: Orange-Blue Mix Design

Valorant Neo Frontier Skinline: Theme

Talking about the skin, Laura Baltzer - Producer at Valorant, shares that the inspiration for the idea comes from how the weapons from this manufacturer might have changed over time. Though we aren’t suggesting Neo Frontier is canonical, it was definitely inspired by one of Valorant's founding weapon manufacturers.

She further revealed that the Neo Frontier Skinline was a true homage to the western genre, both old and new. They wanted to fulfill two distinct but connected fantasies via this skinline.

This is everything that you can expect from the Neo Frontier Skinline which offers a great combination of the old and the new. The finisher animation is really good, especially if delivered with a Sheriff which also has a unique animation in the way an agent holds it when equipped.

The last skinline was available in the store for barely two weeks, so one can expect this one to be around for at least two weeks, maybe even more depending on what drops Valorant has planned for the future.

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