Valorant NO LIMITS Bundle: Release Date, Price, Skins, Designs, More

Here is a quick look at the upcoming skin collection.

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Valorant NO LIMITS Bundle: Complete Details


Valorant has released a sneak peek of the next weapon skin bundle called NO LIMITS.
The tentative release date of the NO LIMITS skin bundle is 15th June after the sale of Magepunk 3.0 concludes.
Here is everything you need to know about the NO LIMITS skin collection including weapons, design, price, and more.

Valorant officially dropped a new weapon skin bundle called NO LIMITS earlier today on 15th June. The new skin line has been released in celebration of the ongoing VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo and is inspired by the emblematic Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan, with the original city skyline engraved into each skin.

This bundle contains a total of five weapon skins, including the baseball bat melee weapon. Apart from this, it also offers the NO LIMITS Gun Buddy and NO LIMITS Player Card.

Here is everything you need to know about the NO LIMITS weapon bundle including its release date, collection price, individual skin price, design features, and more.

Valorant NO LIMITS Skin Bundle: Complete Details

Valorant has released the complete skin line of its latest bundle called NO LIMITS. It has replaced the previous collection on sale, Magepunk 3.0, which went live on 29th May and was replaced today after 17 days.

  • NO LIMITS Release Date: 15th June

NO LIMITS has released right in the middle of the ongoing VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo, during the off day between Group Stage and Playoffs. The skin bundle comprises of five weapon skins and a few extra things to enhance aesthetics.

  1. NO LIMITS Vandal - 1275 VP

  2. NO LIMITS Bulldog - 1275 VP

  3. NO LIMITS Spectre - 1275 VP

  4. NO LIMITS Ghost - 1275 VP

  5. NO LIMITS Bat - 2550 VP

  6. NO LIMITS Buddy - 475 VP

  7. NO LIMITS Cards - 375 VP

The individual prices of every cosmetic in the NO LIMITS bundle has been mentioned above. If every skin and item is bought individually it would cost a player 8500 VP, but if the entire collection is purchased they would get a discount of 3400 VP, brining the cost down to 5100 VP.

  • NO LIMITS Skin Collection - 5100 VP

New Valorant Skin Bundle: NO LIMITS

While all weapons including their designs, and how they look have officially been revealed by Valorant. Information about the extra bits has been provided by prominent leaker and data miner, Shiick.

Talking about the design of this entire bundle, the weapon skins are covered in red, white, and black graphics that give a very 'Yakuza' vibe, staying relevant to the theme of Masters Tokyo.

At close inspection one can spot the statue of a dog across all the individual weapon skins, which can be assumed to be the dog statue of Hachiko found in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

This collection also has a special lighting effect across all weapons where the skins change color and shade when moving from light to dark and vice versa. Apart from this, it does not seem that there are any special animations or visual effects to further enhance these items.

As predicted, this bundle has been classified under Deluxe Tier with each weapon skin costing 1275 VP, melee costing 2550 VP, and the entire collection costing 5100 VP.

This is everything that you need to know about the NO LIMITS skin bundle before taking a final decision whether to purchase it or not.

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