Tyler1 began his Europe solo queue challenge on 16th March.


Tyler1 Begins His Solo Queue Adventure in Europe

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Tyler1 began his Europe solo queue challenge on 16th March.
After streaming for 16 hours on Day 1, he is currently in Gold 2.

Last year in 2022, popular League of Legends streamer and personality Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp hit Challenger while playing the role of a support in the North American (NA) Solo Queue. With that achievement, tyler1 had reached Challenger on all five roles in League of Legends. Later, he even flew to South Korea to tackle the most competitive Solo Queue server in 2022. Following all those feats, tyler1 revealed on 9th March that he will be flying to Germany to play League of Legends on the European server. His first stream from Europe was on 16th March and he played through his placement series and is currently climbing up the ranked ladder.

Tyler1 plays ranked on the Europe server

On 9th March, tyler1 tweeted, “EU ... IM COMING .... MARCH 16 !!” In true tyler1 fashion, in a way to make fun of European players, he added, “let me make this clear .. dentist. blown 13 colony lead. SOCCER .. stay mad and bad you will be exposed soon.

As tyler1 began his stream he told his fans that it would take a couple of days to get his stream set up right and that he would be playing music from the Riot Games playlist. He named his Europe West (EUW) account FREEDOMFIGHTER28 and stated that he is representing the “US of A.” Talking about playing on EUW, he added, “About to liberate this f***** s***hole. I’m about to cleanse this absolute f**** Rift.

Tyler1 also stated that even though he had a proper schedule for his first day of streaming from Berlin, Germany, he would be streaming whenever he wakes up during the rest of his stay in Europe. His only plans are to hit the gym and play Solo Queue, said the streamer. 

After finishing the first ten games of placements, tyler1 was placed in Silver 2 with 76 LP. He said, “That’s it? I go 8-2 and I get Silver 2, are you serious bro? It’ll take forever [to climb].” Following this, he streamed for 16 hours straight on the first day. tyler1 went 18-7 on his FREEDOMFIGHTER28 account and is currently in Gold 2.  

The champions he has played and their win rates in Solo Queue are as follows:

  • Tristana: 100% win rate (6 wins)

  • Draven: 83% win rate (5W-1L)

  • Nautilus: 60% win rate (3W-2L)

  • Urgot: 50% win rate (1W-1L)

  • Olaf: 50% win rate (1W-1L)

  • Heimerdinger: 100% win rate (1 win)

  • Gangplank: 100% win rate (1 win)

Recapping his first day in Europe, tyler1 said, “Not a bad day. So for Korea, we went 19-2 on the first day, and we placed Gold 2, same rank. But that first day in Korea was the only good day in Korea I had. So maybe because we went 18-7 today and still placed Gold 2, this will mean we’ll have better, good games later on.

With tyler1 in Berlin, League of Legends EMEA [Europe, Middle East and Africa] Championship caster Mark “Caedrel” Lamont tweeted, “YO @loltyler1 YOU'RE IN BERLIN ?! COME ON THE LEC CAST?

Though this was not an official invite to the LEC cast, it would be pretty entertaining to see tyler1 on the desk. The streamer is also not a stranger when it comes to appearing on Riot Games’ official broadcasts. In 2022, the Opening Ceremony of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Spring Finals was presented by tyler1.

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