Tyler1 Reaches Master Tier in Korean Solo Queue

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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League of Legends streamer tyler1 has reached the Master tier on the Korean server.
His challenge is to reach the Challenger tier while playing fill role in the Korean Solo Queue.
Tyler1 is currently Master tier with 20 LP and a 60% win rate.

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp flew to South Korea with the goal of hitting Challenger in the Korea Solo Queue while playing fill role. Tyler has now reached Masters on 12th May. Notably, he has been playing in the Korean Solo Queue for around 10 days now. Initially, it seemed like tyler1 would fumble in his challenge as he was having a hard time climbing out of the Silver and Gold skill tiers.

A few days after climbing out of Gold, tyler1 was seemingly frustrated with his Platinum lobbies too. After playing Kayle and failing to kill his opponents, tyler1 said, “Like seriously. Like how f**** annoying are these players to play with? Holy f***. It’s so… Oh my god.

Finally in Master tier

At the time of writing, according to OP.GG, the following are the stats of tyler1’s Big Tonka T account:

  • Wins/Losses: 135W/91L

  • Win rate: 60%

  • Tier: Master

  • LP: 20 LP

As per tyler1’s usual antics, he typed “top gap” to his enemy top-laner after winning the game and said, “That was easy. What an unbelievably easy series. Now, we’re already Master tier. Literally speedrunning.

Notably, tyler1 has played a similar number of games on all the five roles - Top, Mid, Jungle, Attack-Damage Carry (ADC), and Support. Additionally, it seems like the champions that helped tyler1 reach the Challenger tier, in all the individual roles, on the North American server, are the same champions that have been helping him in his quest on the Korean server as well.

Currently, he has 50% and above win rates on the following champions:

  • Karma

  • Draven

  • Ivern

  • Urgot

  • Annie

  • Mordekaiser

  • Olaf

Champion stats

It will be interesting to see at which rank tyler1 peaks on the Korean server. League of Legends personalities like Cloud9’s former League of Legends head coach Nick “LS” De Cesare and former pro player Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek already opined that he might not be able to reach Challenger. Tyler1 still has to reach peak Master and then Grandmasters, before getting promoted to Challenger, and the question that begs the answer is whether he will be able to do so before his Korean trip comes to an end.

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