Riot Games Sends Tyler1 Custom Medals for Hitting Challenger in All Five Roles

Tyler1 Is Truly Built Different

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Tyler1 medals


Riot Games sent a set of custom light-up Challenger medals to tyler1 for his achievement of reaching Challenger rank in all five roles.
The Challenger medal set was made in collaboration with Hoku Props.
Tyler1 reached Challenger on his final role on 19th Feb and Riot and the community congratulated and celebrated his feat

Riot Games sent popular League of Legends streamer Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp a set of five custom light-up medals bearing the Challenger crest for his achievement of hitting the Challenger tier in all five roles in League of Legends. Each ribbon displays the role it represents and the month in which tyler1 made it to Challenger whilst playing that role. It was two years ago when tyler1 set out to reach Challenger by creating new accounts for every role to grind in ranked Solo Queue.

On Saturday (19th Feb), tyler1 accomplished what he had set out to do when he reached Challenger while playing support. Interestingly, the support role has been the shortest run for the League of Legends player and streamer. The League of Legends community, tyler1’s fans, and Riot Games acknowledged and celebrated his feat.

Riot wrote on Twitter, “IT'S OFFICIAL, @loltyler1 IS BUILT DIFFERENT! Huge congrats for hitting Challenger on all 5 roles! Oh and keep an eye on your mail, Tyler. We've got a little something coming your way to commemorate this incredible achievement!

Custom Challenger medals made in collaboration with Hoku Props

Riot Games collaborated with Chad and Sammy Hoku of Hoku Props to create the custom light-up Challenger emblems and medals for tyler1’s achievement. When one Twitter user pondered why Riot did not use the new Challenger crest for the support role’s medal, the company’s Influencer Manager Mel Capperino-Garcia stated that Riot started working with Hoku Props on the project when tyler1 hit top-lane Challenger in 2021. She wrote, “Actual answer- we started working on this with @Hokuprops back when Tyler hit challenger in Top Lane. So it's been in the works since before the icons changed.

Challenger quest completed

As an attack-damage carry (ADC) main and a once-upon-a-time Draven one trick, tyler1 has made it to Challenger on his primary role of ADC multiple times. However, he wanted to reach the Challenger tier while playing the roles of top, jungle, mid, and support. He started with jungle, followed by top, mid-lane, and lastly support.

Riot Games congratulated Tyler1

According to the 26-year-old streamer, the easiest role to climb the ranked ladder was support. He said that he was on auto-pilot for most of the games and reached Challenger in a relatively short span of time as opposed to the other roles. Tyler1 reached Challenger on support in about 500 games compared to the thousands of games played on mid, top, and jungle.

After receiving the special gift from Riot Games, tyler1 thanked the company on stream and called it “special and unique.

From getting perma-banned from the game for being toxic to reaching Challenger in all five roles, tyler1’s journey in League of Legends has been historical. Riot Games even had a photo of tyler1 playing Annie as its profile picture when the streamer hit Challenger on mid. He is one of the top entertainers in League of Legends today and the fans truly rejoice watching his streams.

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