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TFT Patch 13.16B Nerfs Demacia, Piltover Traits, Buffs Gunners

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games rolled out a B-patch for 13.16 to bring forth balance changes in Set 9 before the mid-set update.
Demacia and Piltover traits were nerfed, while Gunner was buffed.

Riot Games rolled out Patch 13.16B for Teamfight Tactics (TFT) on 22nd August to balance certain traits and Augments for Set 9 Runeterra Reforged. According to the developers, this update will aim to set the meta for upcoming TFT tournaments including the North America (NA) Runeterra Reforged Mid-Set Finale. Game Design Director and TFT Lead Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer initially previewed the balance changes for Patch 13.16B which nerfed a lot of traits and Augments.

Mortdog wrote, "We will be shipping out a B-patch to try to get final competitions in as good a spot as possible. Trying to be very light touch, but want everyone to have as much notice as possible."

Here's all you need to know about Patch 13.16B and the balance changes.

Balance Changes in Patch 13.16B for TFT Runeterra Reforged

Firstly, the only unit that got nerfed in Patch 13.16B in TFT Runeterra Reforged is Shen. Mortdog explained this nerf, "Shen seems to be one of the major powers in Aphelios/Bastion, as his shields when stacked with Targon provide insane suvivability. Nerfing that should help."

As a result, the developers have nerfed Shen and his ally shielding powers and therefore his survivability.

Shen Ki Barrier Ally Shield: 275/350/2000 to 225/275/1500.

Two major traits also got nerfed in Patch 13.16B. They are Demacia and Piltover:

  • Demacia: Magic Resistance changed from 5/30/50/100 to 5/30/40/100.

  • Piltover: Reduced the value for 8-9 loss cashout. Slightly reduced the value for 7 loss cashout.

Mortdog reasoned, "Piltover we're hitting the 3-5 and 3-6 cashouts as those are the easiest, but if you can go 10+ loss it will still be strong."

As for the Augment nerfs, there were a total of four and none of them were buffed. The Augment nerfs are as follows:

  1. Know Your Enemy: Base Damage Amp: 15% >>> 12%

  2. Petricite Shackles: Empowered Damage Amp: 30% >>> 22%

  3. Social Distancing: AD & AP: 12/20/30 >>> 12/18/25

  4. Transfusion: Base Health: 20/80/100 >>> 20/40/50

Riot Games also noted that the 7 Demacia and Petricite Shackles (Augment) nerfs hit Garen’s core comp pretty substantially. So the publisher made it clear that it would be treading lightly to not overnerf Garen himself.

Coming to the only buff in Patch 13.16B, Riot Games said, "With Piltover and Zeri down in 13.16, we’re giving some love to Gunner 4 and 6, which were almost never utilized even when Zeri was powerful."

Gunner AD Per Stack: 6/12/22% ⇒ 6/14/25%

There was also a couple of bug fixes that was rolled out as part of Patch 13.16B. Riot Games said, "Two Healthy and Three’s a Crowd now grant their Health bonuses on away boards."

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