TFT Runeterra Reforged Horizonbound: Bilgewater Trait & Rat Town Portal Explained

All Hands on Deck! The Pirates Are Back in TFT!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The second half of TFT Set Nine (9.5) is called Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound and Riot Games has started to drop spoilers about this update on 21st August.
The publisher has promised a "week full of spoilers" starting from 21st August.
TFT Set 9.5 features a new vertical Bilgewater trait and a Region Portal called Rat Town.

Players are eagerly awaiting the second half of Teamfight Tactics' Set 9 Runeterra Reforged which will bring forth new traits, units, and other updates to the auto-battler. The mid-set or Set 9.5 is called Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound and Riot Games has promised to post details about this update every day of this week starting from 21st August (Monday).

Riot Games initially teased Horizonbound, "Explore Bilgewater and Ixtal with Choncc in Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound, where you’ll portal to new regions, uncover new comps, and equip an updated arsenal of items!"

On cue, on 21st August, Riot Games posted featurettes about the Bilgewater trait and a new region called Rat Town. Here's all we know about this trait and portal in Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound.

Bilgewater Trait, New Units & Rat Town Portal in TFT

Pirates are back in TFT and in such style as Riot Games introduced the Bilgewater Trait and units along with the new region portal called Rat Town. It wrote, "Set sail with Bilgewater, the new vertical trait starring Runeterra’s most charismatic pirates…and Gangplank. We just hope they can all get along. While you’re here, be sure to stop by Rat Town—it’s much nicer than it sounds!"

According to Riot Games, this is what the new vertical Bilgewater trait does:

"Locals mark their foes for periodic barrages from their waterborne artillery!"

Additionally, the trait will have a total of nine breakpoints (3/5/7/9). In the short video clip that was shared by the publisher, you can see a similar effect to Gangplank's ult and later a ship sails into the enemy units and once it explodes, it does area of effect (AOE) damage. This could possibly be the waterborne artillery referred to by Riot.

Meanwhile, the units in the Bilgewater trait are as follows:

  • Graves

  • Illaoi

  • Gangplank

  • Twisted Fate

  • Nautilus

  • Miss Fortune

  • Nilah

As for the new Rat Town portal, this will be the effect it will generate when chosen at the start of the game:

Region Portal - Rat Town: Lucky Shops can appear randomly featuring units tailored to your army.

Currently, players know that we will be traversing other Runeterra regions in this mid-set update and so far two new regions have been revealed: Bilgewater and Ixtal.

The Ixtali champions in League of Legends are as follows and there is a high possibility for any of them to make it to 9.5 Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound:

  • Milio

  • Qiyana

  • Rengar

  • Malphite

  • Nidalee

  • Zyra

  • Neeko

Additionally, from the image that was shared by Riot Games earlier, we can also see Naafiri. It could be that Riot Games is possibly looking to replace Aatrox with Naafiri for the Darkin trait for 9.5.

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