Riot Games Nails This Hilarious Naafiri Emote

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Riot Games finally revealed its next champion, Naafiri.</p></div>
Riot Games finally revealed its next champion, Naafiri.


League of Legends players are talking about and obsessing over one Naafiri emote.
Here’s all we know about this Naafiri emote that seems to be a part of the Soul Fighter 2023 Summer event.

Riot Games and players of League of Legends, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics (TFT), and Legends of Runeterra are gearing up for the big 2023 Summer Event called “Soul Fighter.” The Soul Fighter event will be a six-week celebration taking over the world of Runeterra with all these game titles. Riot noted that its tribute to the fighting game genre takes inspiration from the deep emotional resonance and unique character moments from fighting games and anime tournament arcs. 

Notably, the Soul Fighter event is scheduled to begin globally on 20th July (Thursday) and will end only on 28th August. For League of Legends, players will be treated to a plethora of skins, a new event, new champion Naafiri, and also brand new emotes and icons. Out of all the emotes that were earlier data mined and shared on social media, League of Legends players are talking about and obsessing over one Naafiri emote. 

Here’s all we know about this Naafiri emote that seems to be a part of the Soul Fighter 2023 Summer event.

Naafiri emote on League PBE 13.14 is the talk of the town

Riot Games has added LoL Patch 13.14 onto the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and this means that all the assets, emotes, icons, and other accessories for the Soul Fighter event and Naafiri’s release are also live on the PBE. 

On 1st July, SkinSpotlights tweeted, “New emotes and icons added this PBE” and shared the assets. The champion emotes that can be seen are as follows:

  • Naafiri

  • Samira

  • Gwen

  • Lux

  • Viego

There are also another two emotes of which one looks like the red minion in the game.

The Naafiri emote immediately prompted players to draw similarities to an iconic meme template. Firstly, the Naafiri emote has Naafiri the champion, and two of her pack dogs featured in it. While Naafiri looks serious, the other two dogs are in a goofy mood: one with its tongue out and the other grinning with all its canines. 

Players were quick to realize that this emote was similar to the “three laughing wolves” meme. The original image depicts three white wolves standing with two of them laughing at each other and the other staring unamused into the distance. It is typically used as an object-labeling meme where each wolf is labeled as someone or something, but it is also used as a reaction image. 

A few others drew comparisons to the classic “three-headed dragon” meme.

The exact way to get your hands on this hilarious emote is currently unknown. It should be a part of some kind of missions for the Soul Fighter event and this will be made clear as we move closer to the big summer event.

Naafiri emote

Riot Games and Know Your Meme

League of Legends players have been excited about Naafiri’s release. This is not only because of her ability kit and champion design, but she seems to have really cool emotes and interactions in the game. Earlier it was revealed by Riot Games‘ Design Manager on League of Legends champions, Stephen “Raptorr” Auker that players can pet Naafiri in the game.

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