Can you pet Naafiri in League of Legends?

Pet the doggo!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Pet Naafiri in League of Legends
League of Legends' newest champion Naafiri can be pet by players.
Here’s all we know about this cute in-game interaction.

On 21st June, the Hound of a Hundred Bites, Naafiri was revealed to the community as the new champion coming to League of Legends this year. Naafiri will be the 164th champion to join the ever-expanding roster of champions in the game. This Darkin assassin will be pouncing onto the Summoner’s Rift with LoL Patch 13.14, said Riot Games. While the champion looks terrorizing and absolutely ruthless, it seems like the developers have included a cute interaction for Naafiri in League of Legends. As a nod to the canines and dog lovers, Riot Games has added a “petting” animation for Naafiri. 

Here’s all we know about petting Naafiri in League of Legends.

Naafiri’s soft side revealed

While Naafiri looks dangerous with many a blade protruding from her body and her sharp canines, Naafiri and her pack are just a bunch of good puppies who love getting pets. This soft side to Naafiri was proven by a hidden in-game interaction that the community is going wild about. While at first it seemed like a fan-made theory, many screenshots and video recordings of the Darkin champion receiving head pats and belly rubs confirmed that it is in fact an intended interaction.

Notably, the League of Legends UK, IE & Nordics Twitter account confirmed, “You CAN pet Naafiri in League of Legends.

Likewise, Riot Games Design Manager on League of Legends champions Stephen “Raptorr” Auker revealed, “Very happy to say that yes, you can pet Naafiri! What I won’t say is how…that’s for y’all to figure out.

Interestingly, when you look closely at the interaction, you will see the old League of Legends cursor patting Naafiri. When you pet Naafiri, she wiggles her tail and when you continue the interaction, she lets you rub her belly, while smaller dogs from her pack wait for their turn near her. 

However, it is still unclear how one can pet Naafiri in League of Legends. It could possibly be one of the in-game emotes that we often use (Control key + 1/2/3 or the joke emote). We will know this for sure when she gets released.

Funnily, now cat lovers are asking to be able to pet Yuumi in League of Legends. While there is no direct interaction to pet Yuumi, the EDward Gaming (EDG) Worlds skin has an animation that shows Yuumi being pet during the recall animation.

Notably, Naafiri’s ability kit is packed with mobility and burst damage, making her a full-on Darkin Assassin. According to Riot Games developers. Naafiri is reportedly one of the easiest assassins players can choose in Season 13. This Darkin will start its hunt on Summoner’s Rift starting with LoL Patch 13.14, which is expected to release on 19th July.

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