Riot Games finally revealed its next champion, Naafiri.


League of Legends Naafiri Darkin: Abilities, Release Date, & More

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Riot Games finally revealed its next champion, Naafiri, to the community via a cinematic titled “Hounds of Iron.”
Here’s all we know about Naafiri, including her ability kit, potential release date, and other details.

On 21st June, Riot Games revealed its next champion, Naafiri, to the League of Legends community via a cinematic titled “Hounds of Iron.” The edgy and chilling video gave a closer look at the Darkin champion and portrayed her true form. Naafiri Darkin, after awakening from her slumber, tracks down her Darkin brethren to unleash her true powers. This new champion has a unique kit. Her main source of damage comes from the pack of hounds that are around her. A day after unveiling Naafiri, Riot Games showcased her gameplay trailer, touching upon her abilities that simply scream “assassin.” 

Here’s all we know about Naafiri, including her ability kit, release date, and other details.

Who is Naafiri? What’s her design in League of Legends?

Talking about Naafiri’s design idea, Riot Games said, “Players should feel powerful playing an assassin, and opponents should feel uneasy and fearful of an assassin sharing the Rift with them. Few things strike the same level of immediate fear as being chased by a less-than-cuddly stray dog.

Naafiri is not just one dog chasing the player. She roams with a pack that hunts together, thinks together, and survives the harsh Shuriman desert together. This pack now shares its collective consciousness with an ancient God-Warrior Darkin. 

The Darkin in the Runeterran Universe are God-Warriors who are traumatized by the horrors of the Void War. Currently, all known Darkins have been imprisoned in weapons, unable to ever regain their original Ascended forms. For Naafiri, the weapon is the dagger that looks sinister with one eye.

The Darkin spirit within the dagger has awoken within the pack, empowered by the hivemind the pack shares. The blade’s design is reflected and embedded around Naafiri’s collar and on her packmates’ snouts.

Naafiri Darkin

Naafiri’s Ability Kit in League of Legends Explained

Upon first look, we can tell immediately that Naafiri’s kit is packed with mobility and burst damage. Just like any other assassin, Naafiri will have to land her combos right to deal tons of damage.

Here’s her ability kit:

Passive: We Are More

Naafiri spawns packmates that attack the targets of her attacks and abilities.

Q: Darkin Daggers

Naafiri hurls up to two daggers, each inflicting bleed, or each inflicting bonus damage if the target is already bleeding. Packmates leap to attack champions hit by this skill.

W: Hounds’ Pursuit

Naafiri and her packmates dash at an enemy, colliding with the first champion hit and dealing damage.

E: Eviscerate

Naafiri dashes and damages enemies in an area, recalling and healing her Packmates to full. 

R: The Call of the Pack

Naafiri empowers her pack and spawns additional Packmates, gaining a burst of speed and vision and a shield when she attacks a champion. On the first champion takedown, all effects are refreshed.

When does Naafiri Darkin Release?

Naafiri will be the 164th champion to join the ever-expanding roster of League of Legends. According to Riot Games, Naafiri and her packmates will start their hunt on Summoner’s Rift starting with LoL Patch 13.14. Notably, LoL Patch 13.14 is expected to release on 19th July (Wednesday). Traditionally, new champions are released with a new skin. It will be interesting to see what thematic Riot Games decides to choose for this Darkin assassin.

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