As part of the Apex Legends Gaiden Event Respawn Entertainment released three Apex Legends Vtuber Avatars for creators and streamers to use


Respawn Entertainment Releases Apex Legends Vtuber Avatars

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Respawn Entertainment has released Vtuber avatars for three Apex Legend characters.
These were created in collaboration with and Akupara Games.
The Vtuber avatars are available for Bangalore, Octane and Mirage.

Respawn Entertainment has released three free Vtuber avatars for players and fans of Apex Legends to use in their streams and videos. These Apex Legends Vtuber avatars were made in collaboration with Akupara Games and As part of the upcoming Gaiden event in Apex Legends, the three Vtuber avatars for Mirage, Octane, and Bangalore can be seen sporting their new skins.

Fans can now choose between Octane’s “Sea Legs” Skin, Mirage’s “Marked Man” Skin, or Bangalore’s “Apex Commander” Prestige Skin. According to the announcement, each Vtuber avatar comes with unique expressions, animations, HUD overlay, and emotes. The three Vtuber avatars can be used on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube and it is fairly easy to set up a Vtube studio.

How to set up Apex Legends Vtuber avatars?

To set up Apex Legends Vtuber avatars one needs to have a Vtube Studio, which is available on Steam for free, and also have a USB webcam or compatible iOS device with a working camera.

The following are the steps you need to follow to set up your Vtuber avatar featuring your favorite Apex Legends character:

1. Download any of the following Apex Legends Vtuber avatar zip files from the Electronic Arts website.

2. Extract zip contents to the following PC file-path: <Steam-VTubeStudio.exe-Path>/Vtube Studio_Data/StreamingAssets/Live2DModels

3. Start Vtube Studio program

4. Click on the person-shaped icon on the top left of the screen to select your Apex Legends Vtuber avatar from the list of installed models.

5. If you are using a webcam, click on the gear icon on the left of the screen and click on Camera on the menu bar. From here, you can use the menu on the left to select and configure the webcam for face-tracking.

6. The next step is to load the Apex Legends Vtuber avatars into OBS and you can use three methods:

  • Chroma keying

  • Using a transparent background in Vtube Studio

  • Using a virtual webcam

If you are looking for more detailed steps, you can check them out on the EA website for the Apex Legends Vtuber avatars setup.

The Apex Legends Gaiden event is all about anime and is bringing forth an array of new legend skins and weapon cosmetics. The event is set to launch on 19th July with skins inspired by One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, among other animes. The limited-time mode of ‘Armed and Dangerous’ is also making its return after several seasons, where players get access to only snipers and shotguns in the mode.

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