Seer's interview with Lisa Stone published by Respawn Entertainment could have teased Apex Legends' new map


Did Apex Legends Tease New Map Location With the Seer Interview?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Apex Legends fans and players were treated to an exciting piece of lore for Seer through an interview with Lisa Stone.
At the end of the interview, Seer was left speechless and his image was kind of tarnished by the journalist.
However, the interview revolved around Seer’s homeland and its broken moon.

On 14th July, Respawn Entertainment released a short video featuring Seer and this could possibly be a teaser for the next map in Apex Legends. The video brought back journalist Lisa Stone who had last interviewed Forge. Lisa Stone put forth numerous questions to Seer about his world of Boreas and what happened to it after his birth. At the end of the interview, a confused Seer was left without answers.

Lisa Stone is no stranger to Apex Legends being the resident journalist of the Outlands. She was the reporter who was interviewing Forge when he was murdered by Revenant. Notably, Stone also supports Duardo Silva who wishes to take control of the Syndicate, the governing body of the Outlands and the overseer of the Apex Games.

After this interview short was published, Seer fans were outraged and the community was clearly infuriated by the questions asked by Stone to Seer. The only good news is that this short video could have hinted at the next map location for Apex Games.

What happened in the interview?

Lisa Stone right off the bat asked a media-shy Seer why he agreed to do the interview now when he has denied it many times in the past. Seer said that he does not have the need for a spotlight and that his art speaks for itself. He said that he only agreed to do it because his fellow “outcasts” called for him to speak. Lisa Stone proceeded to ask him about his eye, a gaze that caused the destruction of Boreas’ moon. Stone also showed a hologram of the moon being destroyed and how it led to the fall of many ecosystems and the change in weather patterns, causing a shortage of food, among other calamities.

According to a poll, a majority of the citizens of Boreas blamed Seer for the destruction and Stone proceeded to ask Seer what kind of philanthropy work he had done in Boreas or if he just spent his time playing in the Apex Games.

What could be the next map for Apex Legends?

If the interview with Seer is more than just a lore expansion, Apex Legends could have subtly hinted at the next map location for the game. Respawn Entertainment could be either teasing Seer’s homeworld Boreas or its destroyed moon - Cleo – as the next location.

In the past, fans were given a glimpse of Divided Moon, a new map set in space, through leaks on Reddit and other social media. Additionally, in the interview, we were given a clear look at the broken moon of Boreas, which is visible from the Encore map in Apex Legends.

From the leaked Divided Moon video, we can expect the map to be located on Cleo since it showed broken land parcels with floating debris hovering over it and a planet in the background. Electronic Arts (EA) or Respawn Entertainment have not commented on the arrival of a new map in Apex Legends. However, players can possibly expect to see the new map in play in Season 14 or 15.

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