Overwatch 2 Invasion Details: Missions, Events, Bundles, Content, Schedule, More


Overwatch 2 Invasion Details: Missions, Events, Bundles, Content, Schedule, More

A detailed roadmap of the Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion.

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Overwatch 2 Invasion is going to be the biggest update in the history of the game with loads of content involving new missions, events, game mode, hero, and much more.
Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion goes live on 10th August with the majority of its content releasing immediately while the remaining rolls out in the coming weeks.
Here is a complete overview and roadmap of the entire Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion.

Overwatch 2 Invasion, the biggest update in the history of the game is about to release today on 10th August, bringing with it a whole array of changes in terms of gameplay, content, events, battle pass, bundles, skins, maps, hero, and a whole lot more.

Blizzard Entertainment has been spending a lot to market the game by putting up posters across major cities, running advertisements in cinemas, collaborating with streamers, and even roping in WWE superstar John Cena to promote the game.

Here is an overview of everything that players will receive along with Overwatch 2 Invasion including a roadmap of different features, a schedule for all these changes, and other important information.

Overwatch 2 Invasion Overview: Complete Roadmap and Details

Ahead of the update, Blizzard has provided everyone with a detailed roadmap of what can they expect from the Overwatch 2 Invasion and when will the specific changes roll out in the game.

Overwatch 2 Invasion: Gameplay

Support Hero: ILLARI | 10th August

  • A new support hero called Illari will be released on 10th August.

  • She will be the 38th hero added to Overwatch 2 and wields the energy of the sun itself.

Note: Here is the complete information about the Overwatch 2 Support Hero.

Game Mode: Flashpoint | 10th August

  • A new core PvP game mode will be added to Overwatch 2 called Flashpoint.

  • Teams will be required to capture three randomized control points on a single map to win.

  • This game mode features its own maps: Suravasa and New Junk City.

  • Both these maps are new to Overwatch 2 while being large and expansive in order to accommodate a total of five control points required for the game.

Note: Here is the complete information about the Overwatch 2 Flashpoint.

Overwatch 2 Invasion: New Support Hero - Illari

Overwatch 2 Invasion: Missions

Story Missions | 10th August

  • The PvE story missions are the main point of attraction in this update which will drive the lore of this game forward.

  • It will focus on the invasion by the militant Omnic group called Null Sector and the fightback by the members of Overwatch.

  • The three PvE story missions will take place across multiple locations,

    First Mission: Resistance | Rio De Janeiro

    Second Mission: Liberation | Toronto

    Third Mission: Ironclad | Gothenburg

  • The story missions will be a part of the Invasion Bundle and players will be required to purchase it in order to play them.

Co-Op Missions | 10th August to 5th September

  • The limited-time PvE co-op missions called King's Row Underworld will be available for all players to enjoy absolutely free.

  • These missions will take place on King's Row and update on a weekly basis.

Overwatch 2 Invasion: Events

Overwatch 2 was released in October 2022 and will be celebrating its first anniversary with the launch of a special event called Overwatch 2 Anniversary Event.

Anniversary Events | 19th September to 10th October

  • The birthday celebrations for Overwatch 2 will run for a duration of three weeks consisting of different limited-time game modes and cosmetics from the past.

  • The three game modes which will be a part of the anniversary event are,

    Battle For Olympus - 19th to 26th September

    Starwatch - 26th September to 3rd October

    Mischief & Magic - 3rd to 10th October

Overwatch 2 Invasion: Anniversary Event - Mischief & Magic

Overwatch 2 Invasion: Content

Hero Mastery | 5th September

  • Hero Mastery Mode will allow players to partake in hero-specific training courses.

  • Players will now get a chance to properly engage with a particular hero and enhance various skills required to play it properly.

  • Upon release, only a few selected heroes will be available in the course like Mercy, Winston, Sojourn, Tracer, and Reinhardt.

  • It will also offer a competitive edge with a leaderboard system for each training course.

Note: Here is complete information about the Overwatch 2 Hero Mastery Mode.

Battle Pass | 10th August

  • The Season 6 battle pass will follow a Null Sector theme offering a Mythic Skin for Ana as the reward for completing 80 Tiers.

  • Several other skins will be also part of the battle pass for heroes like Zarya, Symmetra, Pharah, Ashe, Roadhog, Torbjorn, Winston, Junkrat, and Brigitte.

Note: Here is complete information about the Overwatch 2 Season 6 Battle Pass.

Invasion Bundle | 10th August

  • There will be two bundles on offer like Invasion Bundle and Invasion Ultimate Bundle, whose main attractions are the Story Missions.

  • Several Legendary Skins will also be up for grabs like Vigilante Sojourn, Omnic Cassidy, and Omnic Kiriko.

Note: Here is complete information about the Overwatch 2 Invasion Bundle.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 Content

This is everything that we can expect from the Overwatch 2 Invasion including schedule of all events, missions, and other updates. There is actually a lot that players will be able to enjoy over the course of the next few months and the community members are certainly excited for it.

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