OpTic Crashies Gets a Funny Ace on Fracture Zipline at Valorant Champions 2022

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Crashies picked up a bizarre yet funny ace against Boom Esports in the Group B opener at Valorant Champions 2022.
Crashies played KAY/O and was stationed at the end of the zipline. He secured an uncontested ace.

Getting an ace in Valorant is one of the most exhilarating feelings ever and players always go the extra mile to secure one. At the Valorant Champions 2022, we have seen a handful of aces already in the first two days of play and OpTic Gaming’s Austin “crashies” Roberts might have gotten away with one of the most bizarre and funniest aces we’ve seen in Valorant esports history. On 1st September, crashies collected this ace in the decider map in the best-of-three (BO3) series against Boom Esports (BME).

Crashies’ Hilarious Ace on Fracture

The two teams were playing the Opener Match of Group B. Boom Esports won Breeze (Map 1) in overtime and OpTic Gaming bounced back and took the victory on Bind. The third, decider map was Fracture and things were looking in control for the North American (NA) representative OpTic. At the start of Round 11, OpTic had a score of 7-3 and looked to end the first half really strong with a steady lead.

Having only half buys and fearing an A-main push from OpTic, BME decided to take the ropes in the middle of the map to get to the opposite side to enter the sites. Unfortunately for them, crashies was stationed at the other end of the ropes and he gave headshots to the five members of Boom Esports one after the other as they could not do anything. Notably, once on the zipline, players will have to complete the ride before getting off it. However, they can still shoot while on the zipline.

Whilst attached to the zipline, players cannot:

  • Change directions

  • Use abilities

  • Detach

  • Stop (although one can still slow themselves down holding Shift)

The casters were awestruck by the play and one of them said, “No way! I don’t think we will ever witness anything like that again.” Meanwhile, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo who was co-streaming Valorant Champions 2022 said, “What the f***? This guy was doing laundry. He’s [crashies] literally smiling.” Meanwhile, crashies wrote on Twitter, “The best ACE of my CAREER!!!!!

Needless to say, that play must have been really hard for Boom Esports’ players to wrap their heads around. On top of that, the members of OpTic Gaming were laughing and screaming as crashies collected a free ace near the zipline.

The Valorant community, casters, and pros all reacted to this viral clip and talked about it in abundance on social media sites including Twitter. Following this victory against Boom Esports, OpTic Gaming will move on to the Winners’ Match where it will take on LOUD Esports.

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