Leviatán's Victory March: First to Lock Playoffs Spot at Valorant Champions 2022

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Leviatán became the first team to lock in its playoffs spot at Valorant Champions 2022.
In Group A, Leviatán took down both Team Liquid and Paper Rex in dominant 2-0 victories.

Leviatán continued its win streak on Day 2 of Valorant Champions 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey by taking down Asia Pacific’s (APAC) Paper Rex. The teams – Leviatán (LEV) and Paper Rex (PRX) – went head to head in the Winners’ Match on 1st September to decide which would be the first team from Group A to make it to the playoffs bracket. After taking down both Team Liquid (TL) and Paper Rex in a dominant fashion, Leviatán booked its playoffs slot as the first team. Latin America’s Leviatán has continually impressed the audience by rising to the top and by showcasing amazing Valorant gameplay.

Leviatán vs Paper Rex Recap

The series was a stomp and Leviatán won with a 2-0 scoreline, pushing Paper Rex to fight for its tournament life. Paper Rex banned Ascent and Breeze. The Ascent ban was a no-brainer as this was where Leviatán had stomped Team Liquid. Likewise, Leviatán banned Fracture and Icebox.

The three map picks for the Winners’ Match were as follows:

  • Haven

  • Bind

  • Pearl

Leviatán started very strong on Haven, another comfort pick, but Paper Rex managed to bounce back and equalize the scores to 6-6 by half-time. After winning the pistol round in the second half, LEV picked up a steady momentum and closed out Haven with a 13-8 scoreline.

Paper Rex hoped to turn things around on its map pick Bind. However, it looked like LEV wanted to prove that it could fight toe-to-toe on this map given its shortcomings against Fnatic during Masters Copenhagen on the same map. The Latin American squad approached the game with an aggressive strategy. The second map was extremely close and LEV won it 13-11.

The most valuable player (MVP) of the series was LEV Fabian “Shyy” Usnayo. According to vlr.gg, Shyy had an average combat score (ACS) of 283 with a 45/26/25 KDA over the two matches.

Shyy who played Fade also picked up an Ace on Bind with some crispy Vandal headshots.

Leviatán also stomped Team Liquid

On the opening day of Valorant Champions 2022, Leviatán played Team Liquid and looked dominant as ever. It won the series 2-0 on maps Haven and Ascent with 13-10 scores. Vicente "Tacolilla" Compagnon was crowned the MVP of the series. Notably, he had an ACS of 213 with a KDA of 36/28/8.

Since LEV has already made it to the next stage of the competition, it will have several days of rest before having to go on stage and fight in the Playoffs of Valorant Champions 2022. Click here to read more about Valorant Champions 2022 and to follow the scores and updates from the tournament.

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