MrBeast is in India a week after he discussed potential collaboration ideas with Indian content creators


MrBeast Lands in India, Hypes up the Indian Gaming Community

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Famous YouTuber/MrBeast has landed in India, according to his Instagram stories.
It is very likely that he is visiting India for a collaboration with Indian content creators, as suggested by 8Bit Thug.

There is no doubt that Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is one of the most creative and grandiose content creators on YouTube. He recently hit 100 Million subscribers on the platform and wants to grow his community even further. MrBeast is now the fifth creator on YouTube to have crossed the landmark of 100 Million subscribers, joining big names like T-Series, Cocomelon, SET India, and PewDiePie. Earlier last week, MrBeast teased a potential collaboration with 8Bit’s Animesh “Thug” Agarwal and it seems like he’s already put the plan in motion. On 24th August, MrBeast posted two Instagram stories clearly indicating that the YouTube star has landed in India.

MrBeast posts Instagram stories in India

At the time of writing, on 24th August, MrBeast posted two Instagram stories showing what looks like an international airport. The first story has a location tag “India” with the caption “First time visiting India!” and in the second story, MrBeast posted a short video of a man watching the Hindi version of MrBeast’s video. He had the caption, “Asking random people if they like the quality of my Hindi dubs lol.

On Twitter, Team S8ul’s Mortal aka Naman Sandeep Mathur wrote, “What do you guys think? Did @MrBeast already land in India, is he planning it soon or is it a prank?

MrBeast interacts with 8Bit Thug

On 18th August, 8Bit Thug tweeted at MrBeast suggesting that he should make a video in India. He wrote, “@MrBeast should plan a Video here in India. The creator community is huge here with [an] insane audience! It could turn up as the most viewed video for sure!” To this, MrBeast responded, “I’m down, who should I collab with?

Thug later added that potential collaborations could be discussed via email or direct messages and replied to MrBeast that they could make it as big as possible with the “entire pool of creators.

Investing in the Indian scene

MrBeast has already shown his interest in reaching out to the vast Indian audience and he even released a new Hindi channel. The channel currently has only one video which is the dubbed version of his popular Squid Game-themed video. The content was very well dubbed with multiple voice actors working on it. Notably, this is the same video that was showcased on his Instagram stories today. With MrBeast doing a quality review of his Hindi content, it is safe to assume that he would soon be uploading more dubbed videos in the future.

As far as the collaboration goes, it would be interesting to see how MrBeast meets and interacts with some of the biggest content creators in India. Notably, S8UL Esports was nominated under the category of Content Group of the Year 2022 at The Esports Awards and created history.

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