MrBeast Open to Collaborate With Indian Content Creators

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MrBeast and Indian Content Creators may be teaming up soon for creating a video for the Indian audience.
Thug reached out to MrBeast and wanted him to collaborate with Indian content creators.
MrBeast agreed and asked who he should collaborate with, and both parties may be in talks right now.

MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson teased a collaboration with 8Bit’s Animesh “Thug” Agarwal. Thug had tweeted to MrBeast suggesting that he should plan a video here in India. Thug talked about how the content creation community in the country is huge and a collaboration with MrBeast could become the most viewed video here “for sure.” MrBeast responded saying that he is down to collaborate with creators from the region.

Mr Beast has already forayed into Indian content

MrBeast is already invested into Indian content with the popular creator releasing a new Hindi channel for the Indian audience. The channel uploaded its first video three months ago which featured a dubbed version of a popular Squid Game-themed video MrBeast had previously uploaded on his original channel. The content was very well dubbed with multiple voice actors working on the video.

It is the only video that was ever uploaded but MrBeast assured fans that more videos will be uploaded soon. MrBeast has over 103 million subscribers on his English channel alone and a collaboration with an Indian content creator would definitely bode well. His videos have received up to 283 million views each.

While MrBeast and Thug have brought up the subject of a collaboration, it is unknown if plans will fall into place. 8bit is one of the biggest esports teams in India with a lot of focus on content creation as well.

In 2020, Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV, better known as Dr Disrespect, collaborated with Tanmay “Scout” Singh for a livestream. Dr Disrespect saw over 104,000 viewers tune in while Scout got over 128,000 viewers.

Dr Disrespect has over 4 million subscribers on Youtube while MrBeast has crossed the 100 million mark. A collaboration between MrBeast and an Indian content creator is sure to make some waves and gain a lot of attention within the gaming and esports audience in India. It is unknown when and if the collaboration will happen but if both parties are in talks, we can expect an update from 8bit or MrBeast himself sometime in the future.

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