Bayes Esports team is working with Riot Games to bring the LDP to League of Legends


League of Legends Players Can Soon Access LoLEsports Data Through Riot Games’ New Portal

Riot Games and Bayes Esports Join Hands To Launch New LoLEsports Data Portal - LDP

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games and Bayes Esports are gearing up for the expansion of their League of Legends esports portal called the LoLEsports Data Portal (LDP).
Last year, the companies rolled out the LDP to Riot-run professional LoLEsports regions and teams were granted access to it.
The LDP will be soon made available for the individual members of the community and shall include community sites like Leaguepedia and Oracle’s Elixir.

Riot Games and League of Legends Esports (LoLEsports) have teamed up with Bayes Esports, an esports data company, to expand their data portal for the esports scene of League of Legends. This first-of-its-kind centralized hub called the LoLEsports Data Portal (LDP) will deliver competitive esports data to professional teams, Riot’s partners, and most importantly to the community. The LDP will now feature and support other community sites like Leaguepedia and Oracle’s Elixir by providing scalable and sustainable access to data including match history, and replays among others. The ultimate goal of this portal is to boost the long-term growth of the competitive gaming scene.

Last year, Riot and Bayes rolled out the LDP to Riot-run professional LoLEsports regions, debuting the private and secure scrim data feature. The LDP will be available to individuals within the community for research purposes in the near future, said the company.

What is competitive data?

Competitive data includes match history, replay files, and also advanced statistics like Baron Power Play and Isolation Deaths. Riot Games wrote, “Competitive data touches every part of the esports ecosystem. Teams use it to scout talent, coach players, and develop meta-breaking strategies. Partners and Riot use it to create fan products and experiences.

The LDP has granted easy access to LoL data to more than 150 teams and partners worldwide through both UI and API. The data will allow teams to improve their pre-match preparations and post-match analysis, powering up the overall level of play all over the world.

LDP by Riot Games and LoLEsports

In a press release, Riot Games stated that professional teams across the globe were already seeing value in the LDP. Evil Geniuses’ (LCS) Chief Innovation Officer Chris DeAppolonio said, “The LDP has been a fantastic resource for Evil Geniuses that has helped propel our methodology in data and analytics to new heights.” He added that the LDP saved the team countless hours of number crunching and research and allowed them to put their effort into breaking the data down and using it wisely.

The LDP has provided us with a great starting point from which we're building on top in order to improve our teams' performance and stay ahead of the curve,” said Apostol Tegko, Data Analyst for Fnatic (LEC). “It's an exemplary approach throughout esports.

Riot Games’ Lead of Competitive Data Programs for Esports John Knauss stated, “From the beginning, our mission has been to enable our professional teams, partners, and community to revolutionize esport. Working with Bayes to develop the underlying tech to bring this vision to life has been a fantastic opportunity, and we are looking forward to continuing to push and differentiate esports in the space.

CEO and MD of Bayes Esports, Martin Dachselt, said, “We are always looking for opportunities to develop innovations that are beneficial to the entire esports industry. We believe that the LDP will be the next of many steps to continue to professionalize the esports industry.

With the rolling out of the LDP, Riot Games did away with the old, manual systems of logging, maintaining, and distributing esports data and it also took down the Web Match History. At that time, Riot said, “We're not shutting down third-party access to match history data, though we are transitioning to a new service for it.

Now, with the LDP in place, it shall act as a central repository for data across professional and semi-professional League of Legends tournaments and will empower the casters, analysts, and the community by giving them all the right information.

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