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Riot Games Will Not Reveal List of Champions Getting Prestige Skins Each Year

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games’ new Prestige skin system is under fire by the community after the release of the Lunar Eclipse Senna Prestige skin.
Players are disappointed after learning that Riot will not be revealing the list of champions getting Prestige skins.

The League of Legends community learned that it shall not be receiving any details or hints from Riot Games regarding the list of champions that are getting Prestige skins each year.

Adriaan “'KenAdamsNSA” Noordzij, product lead on events, loot, skins, and more at Riot, revealed in a Twitter comment that Riot will probably not release the list of champions bound to get Prestige skins beforehand.

A Twitter user commented, “Will you guys ever do a list of characters who are getting a prestige this year like in the past? ):” To this KenAdamsNSA replied, “Probably not, no.

The problem with players not knowing which champion is getting the Prestige skin is that they could end up hoarding these points hoping for their favorite champion to get it, or spend way too much money when a champion of their liking eventually gets a Prestige skin.

The common consensus is that the community is very thankful for the leaks that allow them to brace for the Prestige skin drops and prepare accordingly.

Is Riot being “greedy”?

Players are calling out Riot Games for its handling of the new Prestige system and for inculcating a “FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out] tactic” in the League of Legends community.

Riot Games revamped the Prestige Points and Gemstones in League of Legends with a completely new system. Now, the Gemstones and Prestige Points have been combined into a single new currency that does not have an expiry and is now called the Mythic Essence.

At the beginning of Season 12, the Product lead for personalization and events, Jonathan “Bellissimoh” Belliss, revealed that Riot was introducing new mythic content, event passes, and loot milestones, along with seasonal mythic skins. This was because the company recognized that the premium skins it offered were not hitting the mark as an aspirational luxury cosmetic.

Players can now use this consolidated system of Mythic Essence through the new Mythic Shop and get their hands on the exclusive Prestige skins when they are available.

One Reddit user pointed out how poorly the release of Lunar Eclipse Senna Prestige Edition was handled.

The user stated, “Only in the shop for about two weeks, with no active pass to even be able to earn her. The only communication we had on her being available for that long was through a Rioter's twitter account. And now we're just supposed to miss out on the border + icon forever, and the skin for a good few years, because Riot was lazy with communication?

Players can get the Prestige skins for 125 Mythic Essence while it's in the Mythic Shop for a limited time and after it is gone, players can only get them through the Hextech chests or skin rerolls. Like before, Prestige skins obtained in this manner will not have the exclusive border and icon they provide when directly purchasing them.

Following the backlash, KenAdamsNSA wrote on Twitter, “We see some of the feedback around visibility/awareness of rotation of Mythic skins (particularly around Senna). We know this isn’t where it should be yet. Will make improvements over time!

Players will know how Riot deals with this criticism when the next Prestige skin drops in League of Legends.

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