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MSI 2022 High Noon Event: Dates, Missions, Rewards, and More

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Riot Games revealed the missions for the MSI 2022 High Noon Event.
The MSI 2022 High Noon Event will take place between 12th May and 13th June.
By completing missions, players can collect MSI 2022 tokens and unlock rewards. Purchasing the MSI 2022 Event passes will directly contribute to the MSI prize pool this year.

Riot Games has decided to bring together two events, the Mid-Season Invitational and the release of the new High Noon skins, in League of Legends this year. MSI 2022 is taking place in Busan, South Korea, and kicked off on 10th May. The tournament is scheduled to conclude on 29th May and a total of eleven top teams from around the globe are currently battling it out to claim the title of champions and take home the prize money.

Riot Games said, “With the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational off to a heated start, we’re excited to announce in-game content you can purchase to support your favorite teams and show off your fandom!

MSI 2022 High Noon Event will sport a new MSI High Noon Event Pass and bring forth exclusive LoL Esports-themed content for players to show off in-game.

MSI 2022 High Noon Event Dates

The MSI High Noon Event will commence on 12th May and will be live till 13th June, giving players a solid month’s time before completing all the missions and collecting all the rewards from the free missions. On 12th May, the League of Legends client would have run a small update for the launch of this event.

MSI 2022 High Noon Event: Missions

Players should see new missions pop up in their League of Legends client after running the small update. To view them, players need to log into their account and navigate to the Missions tab near the chatbox.

The first few MSI 2022 High Noon Event missions are as follows:

  1. Chapter 1 of 10: A Western Prophecy - A devil named Mordekaiser took everything from Leona’s family, and she’s going to get it back. Time to find his train, and beat anyone who stands in her way.

The two ways to complete this mission are by winning two matchmade games or by earning 750 points from time spent playing and winning games. This mission grants the players 20 MSI 2022 Tokens.

  1. High Noon 2022 Orb Mission - Earn 3800 points from time spent playing and winning games.

Completing this mission shall give the players 40 MSI 2022 Tokens and an MSI 2022 Orb.

  1. High Noon 2022 Wardrobe Mission

Play eight games in a team featuring a High Noon skin or Earn 2200 points from time spent playing and winning games. Completing this mission shall get the players 60 MSI 2022 Tokens and an MSI 2022 High Noon Event icon.

Icons, Emotes

Players should note that the three missions mentioned above are only the starter missions and completing them will open up more missions to play for during the course of the whole month. Additionally, these missions are only free event missions and those purchasing the Event Pass will have extra ways to win more tokens.

Some MSI 2022 High Noon Event loot

What can you buy with MSI 2022 tokens?

Completing MSI 2022 High Noon Event missions will fetch players MSI 2022 tokens with which chromas, borders, orbs, Hextech keys, ward skin, emotes, and others can be unlocked.

The MSI 2022 Orb is guaranteed to contain a random skin shard and can have a chance to contain 10 Mythic Essence, MSI 2022 High Noon Grab Bag, or a Mythic Skin shard.

MSI 2022 High Noon Shop

AFK Gaming

Contributing to the MSI Prize Pool

Riot Games said, “We are thrilled to announce the MSI High Noon Event Pass! We are doubly thrilled to share that as with our other LoL Esports-themed content, Riot will contribute 25% of its revenue from the event pass to the MSI prize pool!

The prices of the event passes are:

  • Base pass: 1650 RP

  • Pass bundle: 2650 RP

Riot also stated that there will not be a Conqueror skin on sale for 2022 and that the company shall contribute 25% of the revenue from the High Noon Talon skin to the MSI prize pool.

High Noon Talon

For the duration of MSI 2022, this year's icons will activate a chat cheer for your favorite team when you equip one and load into the game.

The following are prizes of MSI 2022 team icons and emotes:

  • Individual icons: 250 RP each

  • Individual emotes: 350 RP each

  • MSI team icon bundle: 975 RP

  • MSI team emote bundle: 1342 RP

Meanwhile, fans can watch Day 4 of MSI 2022 Group Stage today on 13th May when Group B teams go head-to-head live on LoLEsports and on the Twitch and Youtube channels of Riot Games.

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