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Gamers8 Rainbow Six Siege 2023: Team BDS to Take On M80 in Grand Finals

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The Gamers8 Rainbow Six Siege 2023 tournament began on 13th July and the Group Stage concluded on 14th July.
15th July saw two high-octane semi-final matches featuring the top four teams.
Here's a quick recap of what happened on Playoffs day.

Only two teams are left in the fight to be crowned the winner of Gamers8 Rainbow Six Siege 2023. After two days of intense group-stage matches on 13th and 14th July, the two semi-finals of the tournament took place on 15th July. While four teams bravely embraced the challenge, only two emerged victorious, booking their slots for the grand finals, with eyes set on the $2 Million USD prize pool. 

It was Team Falcons, Team BDS, w7m Esports, and M80 that played in the semi-finals and after winning their respective series, Team BDS and M80 moved on to the grand finals, scheduled for 16th July at 6 pm CEST.

Here’s a refresher on what went down in the semi-final matches at the Gamers8 2023 Rainbow Six Siege tournament in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Team BDS breezes through to the finals

The first semi-final was between Team Falcons and Team BDS. Going into the matchup, it was clear that BDS was the favorite, after having won the Gamers8 2022 Rainbow Six Siege event. The best-of-three series was very one-sided with BDS easily picking up a 2-0 win against Falcons. The two maps and the rounds scores were as follows:


  • Team Falcons 5 round wins (4 on defense and 1 on attack)

  • Team BDS: 7 round wins (2 on attack and 5 on defense)


  • Team Falcons 3 round wins (1 on defense and 2 on attack)

  • Team BDS: 7 round wins (5 on attack and 2 on defense)

Though Kafe Dostoyevsky was the decider map, the series did not go that far.

M80 vs w7m Esports goes down to the wire

The second semi-final was a close one with the series going to three maps: Villa, Theme Park, and Chalet. While w7m won the first map, M80 came back swinging and reverse-swept the best-of-three series to qualify for the finals of Gamers8 Rainbow Six Siege 2023 tournament.

The scores were as follows:


  • w7m: 7 round wins (2 on defense, 5 on attack)

  • M80: 4 round wins (4 on attack)

Theme Park:

  • w7m: 4 round wins (3 on defense, 1 on attack)

  • M80: 7 round wins (3 on attack, 4 on defense)


  • w7m: 5 round wins (3 on attack, 2 on defense)

  • M80: 7 round wins (3 on defense, 4 on attack)

The grand final between Team BDS and M80 is all set to kick off on 16th July. While Team BDS will look to defend its title, M80 will be eager on slaying the titans. 

You can catch all the grand finals of Gamers8 Rainbow Six Siege 2023 live on Twitch. You can find the links to these channels down below:

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