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Arcane Season 2 Finally Has a Tentative Release Window

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games and Fortiche Production confirmed the release of Arcane Season 2.
Arcane Season 2 finally has a release window, as Netflix confirmed it through Netflix Geeked Week.

‘Arcane’ is a Netflix adaptation of League of Legends lore and was unanimously dubbed the biggest hit of 2021, taking the animation and story-telling worlds by storm. The series' season 1 was short with just nine episodes. But in these few episodes, Arcane captured many beautiful emotions through its script, screenplay, animation and effects, music, and art.

Following the end of season 1, Riot Games and Foriche confirmed that Arcane Season 2 was in the works. Now, we have some exciting news as development regarding the hit show.

On the first day of Netflix’s Geeked Week, official Arcane social media channels finally shared a premiere release window for season two. Here's all we know about Arcane Season 2 so far.

Arcane Season 2 Release Window Announced

For the third year in a row, Netflix has brought back its Geeked Week event where it makes new announcements every day about different TV shows. Last year, as part of the celebration of Arcane and the Geeked Week 2022, Netflix added many of the characters from Arcane to its profile icon collection on the application.

This year, starting off Netflix Geeked Week 2023, fans were treated to an exciting announcement about Arcane's Season 2. While there is no confirmed release date as of yet, we can be confident of the show's release in November 2024.

Captioned, "Arcane. Season 2. November 2024. #GeekedWeek," the announcement teaser which was shared on 9th November showed Jinx, one of the main characters of the show, walking across the infamous bridge in Arcane.

What Do We Know About Arcane Season 2 So Far?

Interestingly, last year in November 2022, co-creators of the show — Christian Linke and Alex Yee — took to Reddit to participate in an AMA [Ask Me Anything].

(Spoiler Alert: You may want to skip this part if you have not watched Season 1 yet)

Here are some interesting answers we got from the creators of Arcane:

  • Mel Medara, who was last seen in the council room that was hit by Jinx' rocket, could return in Arcane Season 2.

  • Christian Linke described Season 2 with this one word: War. Meanwhile, Yee described Arcane Season 2 as "Rubicon." Notably, Rubicon is a river in Italy that Julius Ceaser crossed, declaring war on Rome.

  • Christian Linke teased fans with a “maybe” on sex scenes in Arcane Season 2.

  • Actor Jason Spisak confirmed that his character Silco will return in season two of Arcane.

Arcane Is Officially Part of League of Legends Canon Now

In October 2023, Riot Games confirmed that the official canon of Runeterra is being rebooted and the stories told in Arcane will be folded into that canon. So, Arcane Season 2 will be canon.

In a Dev Update video, developers confirmed that the lore team is working to correct the inconsistencies and the messy continuities of the stories of every champion.

IP Creative Head Laura DeYong said, “Going forward, from today, all new storytelling is going to be part of one shared canon. Rather than a jumble of experiences that are similar, but inconsistent.

Adding to this, Senior VP and League Studio Head Andrei "Meddler" van Roon said, "Arcane is canon. League is also in that same canon," on Reddit.

More details about Arcane Season 2 will be released in the upcoming months and we will make sure to keep you updated.

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