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Apex Legends Season 13 Split 2 Date Revealed: Ranked Rewards, RP Changes, and More

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Apex Legends Season 13 Split 2 is set to commence on 28th June with a map change and a soft ranked reset.
The entry cost for all ranks is being reduced by 10 RP from Bronze to Predator.
Season 13 will end in August.

Apex Legends Season 13’s ranked season is set to experience its second split. Players have mixed feelings towards the new reworked ranked system as the ranks of Diamond, Master and Predator are going to be a lot harder to achieve if you do not put in the time. Compared to the last Apex Legends season where the top 6% of the playerbase managed to reach Masters, almost 90% of the playerbase is now at Platinum 4 or below and less than 0.1% of players made it to Masters.

Respawn Entertainment is looking to make things slightly easier by rewarding high-kill games and reducing the ranked points (RP) cost for the next split but things will continue to be difficult in Apex Legends Season 13.

Changes coming to Apex Legends Season 13 Split 2

Here are all of the tweaks that are coming to the ranked system in Apex Legends Season 13 Split 2 on 28th June.

Split Reset

This split’s reset is softer. Players will drop 4 tiers instead of 6.

Entry Cost

Ranked now has a lower entry cost (-10 RP across all divisions and tiers).

Diminishing Kill Values

Currently the first three eliminations are worth about 100%. The subsequent three are worth about 80%, and anything after that is worth about 20%. Respawn is increasing the points you get when you kill 7-12 players. The kill value of the first six kills remains unchanged.

Here are all the rewards that can be earned by players. All rewards are based on the highest rank you achieve in either split of a Season.

  • Ranked Icon (Available to all players)

  • Ranked Icon Gun Charm (Available to all players)

  • Diamond Dive Trail (For Diamond players)

  • Masters Dive Trail (For Masters Players)

  • Predator Dive Trail (For Apex Predators)

The rewards will be distributed at the end of Apex Legends Season 13. If you have dropped from your desired rank, you do not have to worry as the rewards will be based on your highest rank regardless of which split you get it in. Even if you are demoted, you will receive your ranked rewards for the highest rank you achieved.

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