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How to activate all Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Eggs

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Apex Legends' firing range has multiple easter eggs some of which can be very tricky to activate if you don't know where they are located or how to activate them.
The best easter egg you need to know about is of course the target dummies which can move around if you perform specific actions.
You can also change the game into third-person mode but it stops working when you leave the firing range.

Apex Legends’ firing range easter eggs are really hard to run into unless you know what exactly you are doing. You can enter third person mode, activate all of the bots in the range, or find a hidden Nessy.

Here are all of the Apex Legends firing range easter eggs available right now. We are not including the easter eggs from the seasonal quests as they are temporary and get removed in a matter of weeks once a quest is complete.

Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Egg: Find Nessy

Nessy is a nickname for the Loch Ness monster which is an urban legend similar to yetis. Apex Legends has a ton of Nessy toys hidden throughout the map but there is a life-sized monster that resembles Nessy in the firing range if you can spot it.

  1. Load into the firing range as Crypto or Pathfinder. Crypto is your best option between the two.

  2. Head down the cliff and go right until you find the zipline that takes you up.

  3. Once you’re at the sniper’s rest you want to grapple above the bone structure as Pathfinder or you could simply use crypto’s drone to get a visual on the Nessy.

The training range is not the only spot where you will find Nessy with the devs hiding toys and other Nessy references throughout the game.

Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Egg: Third-Person Mode

To try out the 3rd person mode easter egg in Apex Legends’ Firing Range, simply load into the range and make sure you drop all of your items from your inventory.

  1. Once you are in the firing range, travel towards the far-right corner as shown in the video by The Boogeyman.

  2. To easily identify where you need to go, follow the champion banner on the right side of the firing range.

  3. You will reach a corner with a small bush, now you need to crouch right on the bush.

  4. Swap characters while crouched by hitting Escape and clicking on Change Character.

  5. If you do it successfully an audio cue will play and you will be in third person mode.

You will be able to stay in third person mode until you leave Apex Legends’ Firing Range. You can swap characters and check out your skins and idle animations of your legends.

Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Egg: Training Dummies

You can activate the target dummies and make them move around and shoot at you via a neat trick. It can be tricky to activate the easter egg so do follow the steps carefully:

  1. Head into the Firing Range and stay where you spawn

  2. Drop all equipped items and weapons

  3. You now want to head into the similar-looking room that is adjacent to you on the left side

  4. You want to climb on the upper shelf. You can do so using Horizon, Loba, Pathfinder, and a number of other legends using their abilities

  5. Head to the center of the shelf, crouch, and look down. Now change your legend without moving and you should hear a sound.

If you did it correctly, the bots should now be shooting at you and you can use this trick to warm up before heading into battle royale or arenas.

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