Apex Legends Firing Range: How to Get 3rd Person Mode


Apex Legends Firing Range: How to Get 3rd Person Mode

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  • Apex Legends' Firing Range has an easter egg that allows you to go into third person temporarily.
  • The easter egg does not work outside the Firing Range and if you stay in the range for too long the game will kick you to the main menu.
  • There is another easter egg that activates the training bots and makes them shoot at you which can be great for warming up.

Apex Legends’ Firing Range allows you to get into 3rd person mode via a neat easter egg. While the game is not designed to be played in third-person mode, you can change the camera view and experience what the game would feel like from a different player perspective. The easter egg is easy to replicate in the Apex Legends Firing range if you want to try out the 3rd person mode, and here is a quick guide on how to do it. The glitch can be performed in any character and you need to have an empty inventory to pull the third person easter egg off in Apex Legends’ firing range. 

How to Get 3rd Person Mode in Apex Legends Firing Range

To try out the 3rd person mode easter egg in Apex Legends’ Firing Range, simply boot up the game and make sure you drop all of your items from your inventory. 

  1. Once you are in the firing range, travel towards the far-right corner as shown in the video by The Boogeyman.
  2. To easily identify where you need to go, follow the champion banner on the right side of the firing range. 
  3. You will reach a corner with a small bush, now you need to crouch right on the bush.
  4. Swap characters while crouched by hitting Escape and clicking on Change Character. 
  5. If you do it successfully an audio cue will play and you will be in third person mode. 

You will be able to stay in 3rd person mode until you leave Apex Legends’ Firing Range. You can swap characters and check out your skins and idle animations of your legends. 

There are some similar easter eggs in Apex Legends’ Firing Range aside from the 3rd person mode. You can make the bots shoot at you for target practice and most hidden quests start from the  Firing Range. The game’s latest easter egg requires you to decrypt a passcode and return to the firing range. 

Upon completing the Decrypt the Passcode quest, you will be able to get a glimpse into what to expect from Apex Legends’ upcoming arena mode which is set to be organized by in-game character Ash.  Respawn Entertainment is likely to add more easter eggs and hidden quests within the Firing Range and you might be able to discover more of Apex Legends’ secrets when they become available in future seasons.  

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