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Respawn Entertainment Intends to Buff Horizon in Apex Legends

Abhimannu Das
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Respawn Entertainment is looking at ways to buff Horizon in Apex Legends in a future patch.
Rampart is also one of the legends in line to receive some tweaks to make her viable.
The changes are expected to drop 'halfway into Season 10.'

Most Apex Legends characters that have been introduced to the game post-launch have been underwhelming. Octane is currently the only notable post-launch legend that is used in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) and most teams pair him with Bloodhound and Gibraltar. Horizon was one of the few post-launch legends that managed to instantly break into the meta but fans were unhappy with her kit which led to some serious nerfs earlier this season. Since the Season 9 balance patch, the character barely sees any play and Apex Legends fans are rallying behind buffs to make her playable.

An Apex Legends game producer Josh Medina responded to SoaR gaming content creator Draynilla asking for buffs to Horizon on Twitter saying that “she got stuff in the oven.” With the character being very popular since launch, fans will be happy to note that she may receive some buffs to make her playable in the near future. There is no word on what these changes will be but with no Horizon buffs listed in the Apex Legends Genesis update, the changes may be implemented next season.

Rampart is also set to receive buffs in Season 10

In the Season 9 official developer AMA, it was revealed that Rampart is also set to receive some buffs in Season 10. The legend has been out of the meta since her release and fans have requesting buffs for the Indian legend for four seasons now.

Respawn revealed that it is a “bit too early to talk about her spicy buff because we don’t yet know if it’ll work and if so when we can ship it.” The developers said that fans can expect the changes hallway through Season 10.

A balance patch is being issued on 29 June which will include buffs to Revenant and some tweaks to Lifeline and Octane’s kits. Fans will have to wait a little longer until Rampart and Horizon receive the long overdue buffs next season.

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