Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends Genesis


Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends Genesis

Abhimannu Das
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Here are the best landing spots in the Apex Legends Genesis event for both King's Canyon and World's Edge.
Thunderdome, Market, and Airbase are three solid spots to land at when you are in King's Canyon.
If you are in World's Edge, you could head to Train Yard, Lava City or Refinery.

With the return of the original World’s Edge and King’s Canyon maps in Apex Legends, fans are excited to experience the two oldest maps in the game again. The best landings spots in Apex Legends Genesis might be quite different from what players are currently used to as Respawn Entertainment made some drastic changes to most of the iconic points of interest (POIs). You should be looking to drop at the best landing spots in Apex Legends Genesis if you want to take early fights and get access to great loot. Here are the three best landing spots in Apex Legends Genesis for World’s Edge and King’s Canyon.

Best landing spots in S1 King’s Canyon

King’s Canyon is one of the smaller maps in Apex Legends and it allows for quick rotations. In addition to taking advantage of the best landing spots in Apex Legends Genesis, you should also have at least one high-mobility character for faster rotations.


Airbase is one of the best landing spots in Apex Legends if you want to drop safely and get some loot before engaging in combat. Most teams typically do not land here but you can quickly get some loot and rotate to Runoff or Skull Town to take some early fights.


Thunderdome is yet another spot that is close to Skull Town and it has plenty of loot to get your geared up. There are multiple vantage points throughout the area if you want to contest other teams that land there and players can easily rotate to Skull Town to third-party other teams.


If you love dropping hot, Market is one of the best locations to land in. A shotgun pickup can put you at an advantage in the small rooms inside market.

Best landing spots in S3 World’s Edge

World’s Edge was added in Season 3 and it eventually became the map of choice for Apex Legends esports.


Refinery is one of the best landing spots in Apex Legends Genesis with generous amounts of loot for you to pick up and fight other teams in the area. It is recommended to land on the high ground and make your way down the stairs while picking up weapons and utilities along the way.

Lava City

If you want a low-risk landing spot, Lava City is one of the best locations to land in. The POI is often a high-tier zone with plenty of purple and golden drops for you to pick up.

Train Yard

If you love using ranged weaponry, Train Yard is one of the best locations to land in during the Apex Legends Genesis event. Players can land on any one of the four floating cabins and zipline your way across safely. You will be able to maintain clear line of sight against all enemies and take them out from the high ground with relative ease.

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