Apex Legends Season 13: Here Is Everything Coming to the Game Next Season

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Apex Legends Season 13


Apex Legends Season 13 is set to arrive on 10th May with the new legend Newcastle, ranked changes and a host of new content.
Respawn will rework the game’s ranked mode but specifics have not been revealed just yet.
Storm Point will also get a few tweaks with weapon upgrades being available via a new point of interest.

Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors was revealed recently by Respawn Entertainment and there is a ton of new content to look forward to. In addition to the usual seasonal content featuring a new legend, a ranked reset, limited-time modes, and events, there is also an incoming rework for the ranked mode. Smart loot bins and upgradeable weapons are also in the works as teased by Respawn in its Apex Legends Saviors cinematic. Here is everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 13.

New Legend: Newcastle

The highlight of the season is Newcastle, who is actually Bangalore’s brother Jackson Williams. The original Newcastle was killed and Jackson Williams took his place in the Apex Games. He runs into Bangalore, which will make for an interesting story as the siblings are finally reunited after three years.

Here are all of Newcastle’s abilities in Apex Legends:

Passive - Retrieve the Wounded: Newcastle can drag downed enemies to safety thanks to his passive ability. If one of your teammates gets downed in a sticky situation, you will be able to get the downed player to safety without them being thirsted by other players.

Tactical - Mobile Shield: Newcastle deploys a small shield that protects players from incoming damage. It is not big enough to safeguard all three players, but one of two players can easily stay inside and avoid incoming fire. Just like Gibraltar’s shield, it does not take any damage and it automatically expires on cooldown.

Ultimate - Castle Wall: Newcastle throws down a giant wall that protects players. There are gaps in the wall that players can shoot from and it can be used as both a defensive and offensive ability.

Ranked Rework

Apex Legends’ ranked mode is getting a complete overhaul for the first time since the game’s release. While the game has adjusted ranked tiers and the ranked points (RP) economy in the past, players have asked for a rework of the mode.

Players have complained about how there is a massive difference in skill between Master players and the top Predators in the game. With the last ranked split’s cut-off for Masters going above 40,000 RP, members of the community want additional ranks in the highest level for fair matchmaking.

Storm Point Changes

There are changes coming to Storm Point including a new facility where you can upgrade your weapons with attachments. The point of interest (POI) seems similar to Bloodhound’s Trials on World’s Edge but you get weapon upgrades instead of random high-tier loot.

There is also a giant lobster-like creature that looks like it spawned straight out of Elden Ring. Legends were shown fighting the creature in the Saviors cinematic and killing it may drop loot similar to how Prowlers and Spiders do in the Storm Point map.

New Season Pass

Apex Legends Season 13 will get a brand-new season pass as well as limited-time events. A new heirloom is also expected but Respawn is yet to confirm which legend is next in line for their melee weapon.

When is Apex Legends Season 13 dropping?

The new season is expected to drop on 10th May once Season 12 ends. The season will last 12 weeks (three months) and Season 14 is expected to arrive in early August.

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