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Is the R301 Going to the Care Package in Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors?

Abhimannu Das
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The R301 is one of the most popular weapons out there but it might not be going into the care package in Season 13.
Respawn is yet to reveal any care package changes for Season 13 and players will have to wait for an official announcement.
Season 13 is set to drop on 10th May and the R301 moving away from the ground loot will make a lot of players upset.

The R301 Carbine is one of the most consistent weapons in Apex Legends that has been in the meta for over three years at this point. It is a good all around rifle and is quite popular thanks to the ease of its use. Its DPS output is not the highest and it has never been the “best” weapon in the game. But it performs well at all ranges and its popularity has soared in recent times. There are rumors of the R301 being moved to the care package and not a lot of players are happy about it.

Is the R301 going to the care package next season?

Apex Legends Season 13 is set to kick off on 10th May and Respawn has not revealed any care package changes just yet. There are a number of YouTube videos doing the rounds talking about the R301 being moved to the care package but Respawn has not stated anything about care package changes just yet.

Currently, we have the Kraber, Volt, Spitfire and G7 Scout in the care package. Kraber is the only weapon that is expected to remain a permanent care package drop. Historically, Respawn Entertainment has moved popular weapons into the care package with some exceptions. The G7 Scout had its moment of glory back in Season 3 but it has not been meta for a very long time.

The Volt and Spitfire on the other hand were extremely popular weapons and Respawn decided to move them into the care package. The same happened with the R-99 and Triple Take in the past. Considering how popular the R-301 is, the weapon being moved to the care package is not unlikely.

Players complaining about the R301’s popularity may forget that the weapon is extremely popular right now because the Flatline is no longer available in the ground loot pool. Players have to craft the weapon to use it and not everyone lands near Replicators or actively goes for crafted weapons.

Aside from the Flatline and R301, there are only two other assault rifles. The Havoc is harder to use than the R301 and a lot of players refuse to use it without a Turbocharger, which can be quite the task as it is tricky to find. Finally, we have the Hemlok which is a burst rifle that has been nerfed multiple times and it is no longer as good as it used to be. This leaves us with the R301 as the only assault rifle that is available in the ground loot that works well without any caveats, making it the go-to option for many players.

Respawn is yet to reveal the Apex Legends Season 13 patch notes so players will have to wait until 10th May to find out if the R301 is going to the care package.

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