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Bangalore Gets Reunited With Her Brother in New Apex Legends ‘Saviors’ Cinematic

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Bangalore will not be leaving the Apex Games as she is now reunited with her brother from whom she seeks answers.
There will be a 'Stories From The Outlands' cinematic on 28th April which will give players more insight into Newcastle's character.
Jackson "Newcastle" Williams will be available as a playable character once Season 13 drops next month.

Since the launch of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has been giving us glimpses into the past of all legends in the game. Each legend has a motive to compete in the Apex Games and Bangalore’s was to find her brother. In Season 12 we discovered that her brother was “dead” which is why she decided to quit the Apex Games and reunite with the rest of her family. But the newest Apex Legends Saviors cinematic trailer revealed that the next legend is actually Bangalore’s brother Jackson who was thought to be dead.

Who is Newcastle in Apex Legends

Jackson “Newcastle” Williams is the brother of Anita “Bangalore” Williams who was previously thought to be dead. He appeared in the Apex Legends Saviors cinematic during Bangalore’s final match in the Apex Games. With Newcastle keeping his head covered with a combat helmet, no one could figure out his identity.

As we progress through the Saviors cinematic we notice Newcastle being very protective of Bangalore and risking himself to protect her. By the end of the trailer, Bangalore figures out that her brother is still alive.

Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors will reveal more about Newcastle and why he chose to hide his existence from his sister. With Bangalore spending a lot of time in grief, she will be the one who wants answers from Newcastle the most.

Another trailer revealing Newcastle’s abilities will be revealed at a later date along with a season trailer to showcase the new content coming to the game. A “Stories From the Outlands” lore video is also expected to drop on 28th April which might uncover some secrets.

Players who are looking forward to trying out Newcastle in Apex Legends will be able to do so starting 10th May when Season 13 Saviors drops. He is expected to launch with a brand-new battle pass, limited time skins and a new ranked season.

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