Apex Legends leaks showcase nine new legends. 


Apex Legends Leaks: All Known Leaks for Future Legends

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The latest Apex Legends leaks showcase over two years of development work.
Nine new legends have been leaked, all in various stages of development.

Two days ago, a Reddit post on the Apex Legends official subreddit leaked information about nine new legends currently in development as well as a new Battle Royale map and two new Arena maps. These Apex Legends leaks also include upcoming heirlooms, bundles and emotes, all together representing 27 months of game development. According to the Reddit post, the next Legend to come to the game is tentatively called Newcastle. He is likely to arrive in Season 13, followed by Vantage (earlier titled Hawk) in Season 14. Here is a rundown of all known leaks for future Legends and what that could mean for the game. Note that all the information contained in the Apex Legends leaks is tentative and subject to change by Respawn.

Apex Legends Leaks: All 9 new Legends coming to the game

1. Newcastle

Newcastle is seemingly the next legend to be released.

Newcastle is alleged to be the next defender legend to come to the game. This ‘Mobile defender’ will be able to create a movable drone shield as his tactical ability. Newcastle’s ultimate makes him leap and slam into the ground, creating a large durable barrier. His passive lets you drag downed teammates while they are being revived and protects them with a revive shield. Check out his tactical and ultimate ability here:

Newcastle looks like a promising new addition to the game. However, given Respawn’s notorious history of bugs and glitches upon release, it remains to be seen how his rather large Castle Wall interacts with objects and terrain, especially in tight spaces like inside the small units in Estate on Olympus.

2. Vantage (earlier called Hawk)

Vantage is the Survivalist sniper seemingly to be released in Season 14. 

Vantage is likely to come to the game in Season 14. The recon legend is a ‘Survivalist sniper’ whose passive Sniper kit gives the player tactical info in ADS unarmed or in any long range scopes. The information will include the Legend’s name, their shield stats, squad size and how far they are from Vantage. Her tactical ability will be titled Echo Launch and is similar to Crypto’s drone. Players will be able to control it with Q and launch Vantage towards an area when they want. Her ultimate ability, Mark To Kill is a custom rifle with a scanner and a damage boost for her whole team. If Vantage tags them with it, the damage is doubled on successful hits.

Vantage seems to be a good addition for snipers whose ultimate will definitely add more utility from a distance if your squadmates are pushing in. However, depending on her release state, Respawn may have to rethink Seer’s kit. The Season 10 legend is not as widely played with many players considering him an inferior version of Bloodhound. With Vantage’s passive, Seer may be rendered even more obsolete.

3. Jester

A lot of the leaked legends still have a long way to go in development and have placeholder dummies and poses.

Jester will be a ‘Tricky Trapper’, a version of whom was previously seen in Titanfall 2 with the ability to hide both him and his whole squad in an AOE cloak that lasts for 6 seconds. Jester’s passive is called Rewire. It can turn any grenade into a proximity mine that sticks to surfaces. The tactical ability is called Specter Drop which calls in a drop pod with three specters that guard an area. Their ultimate Cloak Field creates a timed cloaking device that hides all players in a small area.

Jester’s kit may give Mirage fans an option to play a more damage heavy character who is still similar to their current favorite. Jester's ultimate would add a great new stealth element to Apex Legends. However, with his addition to the game Respawn may need to add something more to Mirage.

4. Phantom

Phantom seems like a ramped up version of Pathfinder with a hilarious twist on a Wraith ultimate.

Looks like the game will finally be getting a bunch of support legends. Phantom’s passive lets them double jump. Their tactical ability is a Hook Shot that lets them hook onto and hang off it for some time. Phantom’s ultimate called Void Grenade sends the target into the void for a short period of time.

Phantom seems like a mix of Pathfinder and Wraith and a bit uninspired compared to other Legends in the works. However both the tactical ability and their ultimate would definitely make for some hilarious combat situations. While similar to Pathfinder’s tactical, Hook Shot can potentially have some great uses to both escape and surprise enemies.

5. Caliber

Caliber is apparently another support legend but the kit seems more like that of an assault legend.

Caliber is an Apex Arms Dealer support Legend coming to the game. While their kit makes them look more like an assault legend, Caliber is seemingly classified as a support. Caliber’s passive is called Weapon Sling and it lets you store a third weapon which can be accessed via the inventory. Their Tactical ability is called Suppressor Turret which deploys a makeshift turret from a copy of your active weapon. Caliber’s ultimate is called Auto Loader and deploys a box that feeds ammo into nearby player weapons.

With the addition of Caliber, you apparently don’t have to choose two out of short, mid or long range weapons, just run them all! This would be pretty overpowered, given that you can also turn one weapon into a turret. Caliber looks like something Rampart wants to be when she grows up. Her ultimate seems a bit tame, which is understandable given the rest of her kit. You can currently use a Loba ultimate to pick up all the ammo in a given area but you are restricted by RNG, so Auto Loader definitely has an advantage there.

6. Scryer

Scryer might me based on the character of the same name in the Titanfall universe.

Scryer is a Recon legend and may be based on Commander Scryer, as seen in the Stories from the Outlands series. Scryer’s passive Spectator lets players automatically optic-haunt and spectate their killer. Their tactical ability Optic-Haunt is a parasitic trap that reveals the target’s vision. Scryer’s ultimate ability Shadow Wall unleashes a creeping wall of Darkness that blocks sight and blinds all enemies it passes through.

Scryer kit seems to have quite a lot of utility, especially if you’re playing with a premade squad. While it remains to be seen how exactly Optic-Haunt parasite works, their ultimate Shadow Wall seems like a versatile tool. A great way to initiate fights, scare off squads looking to push you or even for a quick escape.

7. Conduit

Conduit seems pretty one note in their current form.

Conduit is another shield-based Legend coming to the game. Their passive Capacitance regenerates their shield over time. You also gain extra regeneration for every nearby squad mate or if you have an ally banner. Conduit’s tactical ability is called Arc Flash and heals the shields of your squad mates at some cost to your shield. Conduit’s ultimate is called Alternating Current which launches an arc cluster bomb which damages the shields of those near the blasts. The damage taken from the grenade heals Conduit’s shield.

Conduit’s kit revolves solely around shields, which while being an essential part of the game, makes the Legend quite one note. Shield batteries and cells are not uncommon finds around any map and Wattson’s ultimate currently charges up your shield if you’re in proximity to it, a much easier way to achieve the same result for your team's armour that Conduit’s Alternating Current does in its current state. Wattson’s Ultimate Interception Pylon would also likely render Conduit’s Ultimate useless if it counts as an Ordnance.

8. Uplink

Uplink seems like one of the most broken characters in the Apex Legend leaks.

Uplink’s passive Network Communion lets players gain 25% of Recovery Effects used in Signal Range. As of now it isn’t clear what the passive will do but it seems like Uplink will get 25% of health and shield regeneration used by teammates if they are close enough. Their tactical ability Shield Satellite releases a Satellite that follows allies to regenerate their shields and revive them. Uplink’s ultimate Immortality Relay Beacon deploys a Satellite beacon that prevents allies in the Signal Range from being downed.

Uplink seems to be one of the most broken and overpowered Legends in the current lot of leaked characters. Shield Satellite is essentially a better Lifeline tactical while Relay Beacon just seems like the ultimate get out of jail free card. Respawn will have to balance Uplink carefully or rethink the ultimate before it breaks the meta.

9. Catalyst

Catalyst will seemingly a fun new building mechanic to the game.

Catalyst’s passive is called Reinforce and allows them to strengthen the integrity of objects like doors and created ferrofluid structures, allowing these structures to take more damage. Their Tactical ability called Ferro Shot creates a ramp of hardened Ferrofluid that can be extended with more shots. Catalyst’s Ultimate Iron Tower raises a tall tower of Ferrofluid that turns a solid column under you.

Catalyst’s kit seems like a fresh new addition to the game. Their ability to build Ferrofluid structures is great for creating cover in open areas. Iron Tower will also help create instant high ground, a huge advantage in Apex Legends.

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