Apex Legend Hawk is said to come out sometime during Season 14 and 15. 


Apex Legend Hawk: Leaks on New Legend Surface

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Apex Legends' leaks indicate the playtesting of a new legend, called Hawk, is currently underway.
Reddit user DemonBuer put up screenshots showing her proposed kit.
YouTuber Thordan Smash said Hawk is likely to come out during Season 14 or 15.

Apex Legends leaks have confirmed the arrival of a new Legend, Hawk, coming to the game sometime during the next few seasons. Reddit user DemonBuer put up a post with screenshots of Hawk’s kit. The post indicated that Blisk and Hawk would be the next legends to come to the battle royale. While dataminer biast12 and YouTuber Thordan Smash have confirmed that neither Blisk nor Hawk will be the next Legend, they did confirm other details in the post. DemonBuer’s screenshots of Hawk indicate that they’re a Survivalist Sniper. The passive will be called Sniper Kit and the tactical ability will be called Companion Launch. The icon at the bottom indicates that Hawk will be a recon legend, the sixth to come to the game. Apex Legend Hawk will be coming out in either season 14 or 15 of the game according to Thordan Smash. Here is everything we know about Hawk, the leaked Legend.

Apex Legend Hawk: YouTuber iLootGames rounds up all known information

Hawk’s passive will be called Sniper Kit with a description that reads “Tactical item that provides a holo scope attachment to any long range weapon." The tactical ability will be called Companion Launch that was described as a “Bird that Hawk could release and control to scout out locations." In early tests the bird worked like a drone that tagged enemies (similar to Crypto’s tactical) but that seems to have changed to scouting targets Hawk is currently targeting or hitting. Earlier builds were said to have included the ability to teleport to the bird, however this seems to have been scrapped. Hawk’s ultimate ability looked like a blue Kraber icon. According to iLootGames, early iterations of the ultimate included a “sniper rifle with three shots that completely destroyed enemy shields and prevented them from healing for a duration”.

Leaked screenshots of Apex Legends Hawk indicate she will be a recon legend.

Reddit / DemonBuer

Other Apex Legends Leaks

Another new legend which is rumored to be coming to the game named Blisk was initially said to have an ultimate ability that summons a Titan (from Titanfall) by dataminer biast12, he later said in the Hawk leaks Reddit post that the titan ultimate ability may have been shifted to another legend. He also added in a subsequent comment that they “Don't know when anyone comes, just that he hasn't been changed in a long time, and is kinda just sitting there till it's his time I guess.

The Apex Legends roster has grown significantly since its launch in 2019. As of now, the game has 20 legends. While there have been nine assault legends, five recon legends and four defensive legends, there are only two support legends currently in the game. Fans of Loba and Lifeline want to see more support legends added to the game.

Apex Legends last released a support legend during Season 5. 

Respawn Entertainment

Note: These Apex Legends leaks are speculative. While this information has been confirmed by established Apex Legends leakers, it is still subject to change by Respawn Entertainment.

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