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Who Is ‘Giraffe’ In Valorant?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games is constantly updating and upgrading its first-person tactical hero shooter Valorant.
According to recent leaks, a new agent’s codename is speculated to be ‘giraffe.’

Riot Games is constantly updating and upgrading its first-person tactical hero shooter Valorant. The way the publisher keeps the game interesting is by adding new maps and agents majorly apart from the plethora of gun cosmetics it releases. Agent 23 – Deadlock – was the last character to be introduced to the game and even before the dust settled down, there are already rumors about the next one. The agent’s codename is currently the talk of the town because it is very offbeat. According to recent leaks, the agent’s codename is speculated to be ‘giraffe.’

Here’s all we know about this rumored new agent, their codename, and all other hot speculations in the Valorant community. 

Agent codenamed Giraffe?

Reliant leakers in the community took to Twitter on 19th and 20th July to reveal details of the new Agent found in the files. Twitter user Valorant Updated wrote, “New Valorant Agent codename and sound file found. Codename: GIRAFFE. Maybe KAY/0 will have a new friend? Source: @ValorLeaks.

The audio files that came out have very evident mechanical, robotic sounds, just like KAY/O’s kit and this has led to a speculation that this new agent might be similar to the robot agent.

However, in a now-deleted tweet, prominent leaker Valor Leaks wrote, “As always this may not be our next agent. This could even be a scrapped agent. :) I might just release some other ones just for the fun of it.

One more leaker also shared a similar view and said, “This agent is an agent that is currently being developed may or may not be our next agent.

In the game files, a folder titled “Events_Char_Giraffe_SFX” and a sub-folder called Movement were unearthed. This basically proved that sound effects for the movements of Agent ‘Giraffe’ were being tested.

Interestingly, one Twitter user stated that this folder has been in the game for a long time now. They wrote, “This folder has been in the game for a long time, since before July 7th, 2021. I know that because I sent a message to Mike from valorant leaks with a print screen of it, but never got a response though.”

Notably, every Agent in Valorant, when under development, is given a unique codename. For example, the latest Sentinel Deadlock for Act 1 of Episode 7 was codenamed ‘Cable.’

However, players should take information about Giraffe with a pinch of salt. While the files are very much present, we will never know if Riot Games will end up pushing this Agent. Additionally, with Deadlock still fresh in the scene, it is highly unlikely that the publisher will release another new agent into the mix.

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