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Movements, Sounds & Abilities that Activate Deadlock's Sonic Sensor in Valorant

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Agent 23 Deadlock is the newest agent to join Valorant.
In this article, we will take a closer look at Deadlock’s abilities and in particular her Q: Sonic Sensor that gets triggered based on audio cues.

Agent 23 Deadlock is the newest agent to join Valorant. She is a Sentinel and her abilities are unique and very interesting. She was introduced by Riot Games as an adaptive Sentinel Agent, hailing from Norway, who wields an arsenal of cutting-edge nano-wire technology. However, she works slightly differently from all other Sentinels in the game since Deadlock’s ability kit is all about being reactive instead of dropping traps and sitting duck. Thanks to her versatile kit, Deadlock is highly compatible with so many existing Agents and their abilities. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at Deadlock’s abilities and in particular her Q: Sonic Sensor that gets triggered based on audio cues. We will go through all the movements, sounds, and other actions that trigger this trap.

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Closer Look at Deadlock’s Ability Kit

The following are Deadlock’s abilities in Valorant:

Barrier Mesh (E)

Deadlock will equip a Barrier Mesh disk, which can be launched by using the Fire button. When it touches the ground, it creates an energy barrier that blocks players from entering the area. Players can still shoot through this energy barrier or they can take it down by shooting the nodes or the main pillar. This is her signature ability.

Sonic Sensor (Q)

Deadlock launches a sensor that monitors an area for sounds. Whenever there are footsteps or heavy gunfire where the trap has been deployed, it detonates, concussing everyone caught in its radius. It has two charges.

GravNet (C)

This ability allows Deadlock to launch a grenade that transforms into a net. The grenade detonates when it touches the ground. Any enemy caught within its area of effect is forced to crouch while moving and is slowed down.

Annihilation (X)

Deadlock's ultimate can affect single targets only. When triggered, the Agent will release a wave of nanowires that captures the first enemy they hit and wraps them inside a cocoon. This captured enemy is pulled back and will die if the wires reach their point of origin. The only way to nullify it is by destroying the cocoon. The cocooned enemy cannot free themselves.

What Triggers Deadlock’s Sonic Sensor?

Deadlock’s Sonic Sensor is triggered by audio cues and it instantly stuns you in an area-of-effect (AOE). It is important to note that the trap goes invisible very fast, making it nearly impossible to shoot it before it stuns the player. Firstly, players should understand that this trap does not reveal itself even if they walk closer to it. Instead, you will notice a faint red outline of the trap and a loud reverberating sound from the Sonic Sensor only when you are in the range of it. In essence, if you can hear or see the trap, that means it can hear you. 

Here is a list of things that can trigger Deadlock’s Sonic Sensor:

  • Walking loudly

  • Jumping

  • Firing gun

  • Dropping your weapon

  • Using sprays on walls, ground

  • Climbing ropes (like on Fracture, Split) or taking the ziplines

  • Planting and Defusing Spike

  • Picking up Ult orbs

  • Opening the doors on Lotus and Ascent

  • Walking out of the Teleporters on Bind

The following abilities also trigger Deadlock's Sonic Sensor:

  • Jett Ultimate: Blade Storm

  • Raze Ultimate: Showstopper

  • Neon's Ultimate: Overdrive

  • Chamber's Ultimate: Tour De Force

  • Yoru clone

  • Yoru's Ultimate: Dimensional Drift

  • Sova's ultimate: Hunter's Fury

  • Deadlock's Annihilation

  • Gekko's Wingman

Note that Sonic Sensor can stun you through walls as well on audio cues and abilities like Astra's Ultimate Cosmic Divide and Omen's Paranoia (silence) do not work on it.

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