Best Valorant Team Compositions and Agent Combinations With Deadlock

Mix and match with the tough new Sentinel.

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Best Valorant Team Compositions And Agent Combinations With Deadlock


A new agent is coming to Valorant called Deadlock along with Episode 7 Act 1.
This agent is a Sentinel and her abilities are very interesting, especially her ultimate which has become a huge topic of discussion.
Here are some of the best team compositions and agent combinations to run along with Deadlock.

A new agent called Deadlock is headed to Valorant for the upcoming Episode 7 Act 1. Hailing from Norway, the Sentinel is equipped with a great set of abilities including a nightmare of an ultimate which is going to make 1v1 situations quite one-sided.

All her skills are very interesting and easy to understand, which could make Deadlock a hit during the next season of Valorant. The agent also has high compatibility which makes her easy to integrate into team compositions, while being a great pick to run some combination plays with.

Here are some team compositions and agent combinations that perfectly fit with Deadlock.

Valorant Agent Deadlock: Best Team Compositions and Agent Combinations

Before going forward here is a short explanation about Deadlock and her abilities. The agent has a tough nature and seems to be associated to Sova who hails from Russia. In a trailer released by Riot Games, it was shown how the Agent lost her arm during a mission, which was later restored by Killjoy.

  • GravNet (C)

    Equips a grenade which detonates upon landing, forcing any enemies caught within its radius to crouch and move slowly.

  • Sonic Sensor (Q)

    Equips a Sonic Sensor that monitors an area for any sound made by enemies. The area becomes concussed if it detects significant sound.

  • Barrier Mesh (E)

    Equips a Barrier Mesh that upon landing generates barriers which block character movement.

  • Annihilation (X)

    Equip a Nanowire Accelerator which unleashes a pulse of nanowires that capture the first enemy it comes in contact with. The cocooned enemy is pulled along the nanowire path and will die if they are not freed before reaching the end.

Now that we know about Deadlock's abilities it is easy to put her in team compositions. She would be a perfect fit in a lineup of agents that want to hold back one end of the map while going aggressive towards the other end. Her abilities also make her potent to deal with lurkers and shutting down complete chokepoints. Apart from this, she could also be a great partner agent to pair abilities with as she prevents movement and blocks her enemies.

Duelists: Raze, Jett, Neon

Deadlock would be a deadly agent to combine with duelists especially if they are fast and aggressive. Both Jett and Neon are capable of taking the fight to the enemy with their ridiculous speed and movement based abilities.

Imagine enemies getting tangled up with GravNet or Sonic Sensors, it would be a treat for either of these agents to hunt them down while they struggled to get out of their traps.

However, the most perfect Duelist to pair with Deadlock would be Raze with her Boom Bot and Paint Shells. To make things even better, Raze could also take the fight up close and personal by navigating her way using the Blast Pack.

Literally the entire skillset of Raze would be amplified to become more potent in the presence of Deadlock.

Initiators: Sova, Breach, Fade, Gekko

Deadlock would be great at following up right behind the Initiator agents with their abilities. In case of agents like Gekko and KAY/O, she could use her traps along with their respective splash damage abilities, mosh pit and FRAG/ment, to takedown enemies holding corners.

But her real potential would be observed when teaming up with Sova and Breach. The former can provide information using Recon Bolt, based on which Deadlock can suppress enemy movement, and finally Shock Bolts good damage would be dealt to them.

On the other hand, Breach could rain down havoc on enemies slowed down or caught in Deadlock's abilities, rushing them down themselves or allowing their Duelists to move in comfortably.

Controller: Viper, Brimstone

The only reason to pick Viper and Brimstone is because they both have splash damage abilities like Snake Bite and Incendiary, while also being effective in locking down sites and holding back enemy players from a distance.

This could work well in scenarios where Deadlock has been given the responsibility of holding a site alone but might need assistance if enemy players charge her position.

Sentinel: Killjoy, Cypher

There is no direct way for Cypher and Deadlock to work well together but yes, both of them holding down a single site would be pretty irritating and difficult to break into. A lot of movement based traps and enough to help their team rotate for the much-needed firepower support.

On the other hand, Killjoy would work really well with Deadlock with her Nano Swarm and Alarm Bot, especially during attack and that too in post plant situations as they immediately put the defenders under a lot of pressure with their constant barrage of traps and tricks.

These are some of the best team compositions and agent combinations with the new agent Deadlock that players can tryout once Episode 7 Act 1 goes live and when you are able to unlock the agent fast enough.

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