League of Legends Legacy Skins: Everything You Need to Know About Them

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Legacy skins are fairly rare skins that players cannot purchase readily from within the game.</p></div>
Legacy skins are fairly rare skins that players cannot purchase readily from within the game.


Legacy skins are fairly rare skins that players cannot purchase readily from within the game.
Here’s everything you need to know about Legacy skins.

Riot Games introduces numerous skins and cosmetics at regular intervals in League of Legends and there are thousands of skins in the game. However, there are only a handful of rare skins that not all players possess. These skins light up your eye when you see them because they are unique, uncommon, and very special. In League of Legends, Legacy skins are fairly rare skins that players cannot purchase readily from within the game. Legacy skins can sometimes be found in bundles or on sale during specific events. 

Here’s everything you need to need to know about Legacy skins in League of Legends.

What are Legacy skins? Are they time-limited?

League of Legends’ Legacy skins are those that were only available for a limited period and then placed in what is called the Legacy Vault. They appear during specific times of the year, like common holidays or big events. The legacy skins can be found via the Mystery Gifting option in the game or during sales during specified events. The Legacy Vault contains cosmetics including both retired skins as well as seasonal content.

Some of the types of Legacy skins are:

  1. Traditional skins: These skins were introduced to capture the original feel of League of Legends’ first fully-reworked champions. Players who owned these champions before the rework received them. The Traditional skins are as follows:

    • Traditional Karma

    • Traditional Sejuani

    • Traditional Trundle

  2. World Game Event skins: These skins were released during major sporting events including Winter Games 2010, World Cup 2010 and World Cup 2018. The skins are:

    • Curling Veigar

    • Festival Kassadin

    • Ice Toboggan Corki

    • Team Spirit Anivia

    • The Mighty Jax

    • Union Jack Fiddlesticks

    • Vancouver Amumu

    • Whistler Village Twitch

    • All-Star Akali

    • Goalkeeper Blitzcrank

    • Red Card Katarina

    • Striker Ezreal

    • Playmaker Lee Sin

    • Sweeper Rammus

  3. Event skins: Holiday skins in League of Legends are released during specific holidays in Runeterra that coincide with real-world celebrations. Some of them were previously Limited skins but now they have been made Legacy, meaning they might return to the store again in the future. Some of the event or holiday skins include:

    • Harrowing skins

    • Snowdown skins

    • Lunar Revel

    • Sweetheart/Heartseeker

  4. Riot skins: Riot skins are based on the theme of ‘Riot’ and can be obtained by either meeting a Riot Games employee or through an official Riot Games event. 

    • Riot K-9 Nasus (2011 and 2012 events)

    • Riot Graves (2012 events)

    • Riot Blitzcrank (2013 events)

    • Riot Kayle (2014 events)

  1. Esports skins: These skins are created each year to commemorate the winning team of each season’s winner of the World Championship in League of Legends. The Championship and Conqueror/Challenger skins also fall under this category.

Notably, there are also a number of retired Legacy skins in League of Legends that no player can get their hands on.

What are Limited skins in League of Legends? Are they different from Legacy skins?

Limited skins or Limited edition skins were the ones that were temporarily available in the store during seasonal or special events and then removed once the event was over. Note that these skins cannot be mystery-gifted like Legacy skins. They only appear in the particular champion's information tab if you own them.

How to get Legacy skins in League of Legends? How many are there in the game?

Currently, there are over 150 Legacy skins in League of Legends, not taking into account the ones that were retired by the company. In addition to sales, Legacy items (excluding champion skins priced at less than 520 RP) can be obtained all year round: 

  • As Loot from Hextech and Mastery Chests.

  • As Random content from rerolling content.

  • As Mystery content from Mystery Gifts.

How to refund Legacy skins?

Riot Games accepts refund requests for all types of skins in the game provided it falls under certain rules. Refunds are only available for content that meets the following conditions:

  • The content is unused

  • The content was purchased no more than 14 days ago

  • The content is on the list of refundable content below

The items on the list of refundable content are as follows:

  • Champions

  • Emotes

  • Individual Chromas

  • Skins

  • Ward skins

  • Chroma packs*

  • Rune pages*

  • Summoner icons*

  • Summoner name changes (if your previous name hasn't been taken)*

For those items with an asterisk, players will have to send Riot Games a ticket. 

Note that players have three refund tokens on their League account and they are a way to request a refund on eligible League of Legends content.

If you are looking to get your hands on some of the best Legacy skins in League of Legends someday, you need to check out this list: Top Five Legacy Skins in League of Legends (2023).

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