Legacy skins are fairly rare skins that players cannot purchase readily from within the game.


Top Five Legacy Skins in League of Legends (2023)

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Legacy skins are fairly rare skins that players cannot purchase readily from within the game.
Here are some of the best Legacy skins in League of Legends.

Legacy skins are fairly rare skins that players cannot purchase readily from within the game. They can sometimes be found in bundles or on sale during specific events. Some of the different types of Legacy skins in League of Legends include Traditional skins, World Game Event skins, other Holiday and event skins, Riot skins, and esports-themed skins. You can think of these skins as the ‘collector’s edition’ ones because of their rarity and not a lot of players own these skins in-game. So remember not to disenchant or reroll Legacy skins when you unlock them via Hextech Chests or bundles. 

Here are the top five best Legacy skins that you need to look out for in League of Legends. Remember that this list is subjective and you might have different preferences. This list also features a Legacy skin for every role in the game including top, mid, attack-damage carry (ADC), support, and jungle. We have also not included the Worlds skins and other esports-related skins in this list.

Best Legacy skins you need to keep an eye out for

Here are the five best Legacy skins that you should consider buying in-game when they become available. Some of them have unique voice lines and animations. 

Top-lane: Little Devil Teemo

The Little Devil Teemo skin is one of the most interesting skins you will come across in League of Legends. It was released in 2016 as part of the Harrowing celebration and is considered a semi-rare skin. It is currently unavailable in the store but initially sold for 1350 RP. The skin has a very sinister look with Teemo having a new crown and a trident. Simply, it is one of League of Legends’ most-hated champions in a devil's disguise.

Little Devil Teemo
  • Availability: Not available in store

  • Original price: 1350 RP

  • Model: New model changes with a new texture

  • Particles: New fire particles for auto-attack and abilities where bats fly around. Teemo’s shrooms are now demons

  • Animations: Auto attacks, recall, and emotes all have new animations

  • Sounds: All spells have new sounds

Jungle: Re-gifted Amumu

Amumu has a really sad aura about him and he’s constantly looking to make new friends. The idea of someone re-gifting him plays right into his sad story. The skin literally portrays Amumu as a sad gift with tears in his eyes. It was released in 2010 during the Snowdown Showdown event.

Re-gifted Amumu
  • Availability: Not available in store

  • Original price: 520 RP

  • Model: Moderate changes

  • Particles: No new particles

  • Animations: No new animations

  • Sounds: No new sounds

Mid-lane: Death Sworn Zed

Death Sworn is a series of alternate universe skins set in a “world where champions are fallen warriors chosen by Death to claim souls for the Underworld.” The Death Sworn Zed skin was released in 2017 as part of the Harrowing collection for 1350 RP as an Epic skin initially.

Death Sworn Zed
  • Availability: Not available in store

  • Price: 1350 RP

  • New models and textures

  • New visual effects for particles

  • New recall animation and modified animations on multiple spells

  • Ghastly, eerie sound effects

ADC: Lunar Wraith Caitlyn

As the name suggests, this skin was a part of the Lunar Revel skinline and was released in 2016 for 1350 RP as an Epic skin. Interestingly, Caitlyn's outfit was inspired by the canceled champion Ao Shin and the splash art features both Morgana and Caitlyn together in their Lunar outfits.

Lunar Wraith Caitlyn
  • Availability: Not available in store

  • Price: 1350 RP

  • New model and texture for Caitlyn and her gun

  • New particles for all of her skills, passive, auto attacks, and recall animation

  • New recall animation

  • New sound effects on her recall, auto attack, and many abilities

Support: Definitely Not Blitzcrank

Definitely Not Blitzcrank skin biography references the film I, Robot, and was released in celebration of Harrowing 2011. The idea of the skin is basically Blitzcrank in disguise but it is so badly evident that it is him. The skin was originally sold for 975 RP and does not have a new model, particles, animations, or sound effects.

Definitely Not Blitzcrank

Some other honorable mentions are Count Kledula, Kitty Cat Katarina, Poro Rider Sejuani, and Winter Wonder Soraka. One of the best ways to catch these skins on sale is by keeping an eye on festivals and holiday seasons like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Halloween.

If you are curious to learn more about Legacy skins in League of Legends, you can check out League of Legends Legacy Skins: Everything You Need to Know About Them.

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