League of Legends Hwei: Who Is This Artistic Mid-Lane Champion?

All we know about new champion Hwei so far!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Artistic mid-lane champion Hwei</p></div>
Artistic mid-lane champion Hwei


Riot Games has revealed the next League of Legends champions who will be released very soon.
Hwei is one of the new champions coming to the game as revealed by Riot Lexical.
Here's all we know about this artistic mid-lane champion.

Riot Games recently released yet another Dev Blog featuring developers Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee, Andrei “Meddler” van Roonon, and Lexi “Riot Lexical” Gao. Apart from gameplay-related updates, Riot Games also spoke about the new champions who will soon be setting foot on to the Summoner's Rift.

In its new Champion Roadmap, Riot Games teased three new champions: Artistic mid-laner Hwei, a cute "creature" (monster champion) and a Vatsayan solo laner.

Notably, the last champion who was released in League of Legends was the hangry-jungler Briar.

Here's all we know about Hwei, who will be the next champion to get released.

All We Know about Hwei So Far

Riot Lexical introduced Hwei as the artistic mid-laner. She said, "Hwei's mastery of his craft gives him the tools needed to bring his artistic visions to life."

The teaser image for this champion looks like a very intricate and abstract oil painting, laden with vibrant hues and patterns.

Hwei's character and his aura is still mysterious as Riot Games has not revealed too much about him. We also do not have any other detail about his ability kit, apart from the fact that he is a mid-lane mage.

According to Lexical, Hwei owes much of his craft to his masters, but over time, he has created his "own" style.

In the Champion Roadmap, Riot Games further expounded on this idea and said how an artist's journey is usually summarized in three stages:

  • Following one's masters' principles and learning the rules and intricacies of the art.

  • Then exploration and breaking rules to find own path

  • Finally, transcending their art to a new level.

It added, "Hwei’s dedication to his paintings allows him to express himself in a variety of ways. There are three specific subjects he seems especially interested in expressing."

However, the three specific subjects were not revealed.

Additionally, Hwei's narrative writer Isa Mari “Riot orkidian” De Leon touched upon the feeling of "empathy" while talking about the new mid-lane mage.

Hwei's Potential Ability Kit & Release Date

According to Riot Games, Hwei will take on a more ambitious design kit. It introduced this mid-laner by saying, "So far we’ve shipped Milio and Briar who are medium-complexity champions, best-girl Naafiri for simpler complexity, but we’re still missing out on our high-complexity champion."

However, what exactly is in store for the champion's ability is still kept under covers.

Currently, Hwei does not have a release date. However, it is very likely that he will be released before 2024. Players should still keep in mind that there is a chance that he could be delayed into the next year during the pre-season.

Here's all we know about Hwei so far. We will make sure to keep this article updated in case Riot Games drops more hints about this new artistic and colorful champion.

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