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League of Legends Briar Revealed: Release Date, Abilities Rundown & More

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The next League of Legends champion Briar has a very Jinx-like energy and is a blood thirsty Noxian.
Here's all we know about this hangry jungler who will soon be joining the League of Legends champion roster.

Briar is the newest champion to join the ever-expanding roster of League of Legends champions. She is a jungler and according to the lore, she was created from hemomancy or blood magic by the Black Rose in Noxus to be a living weapon. Briar needs to consume blood to fuel herself and she loves blood, notes Riot Games.

The Black Rose made her sentient and kept Briar in a frenzied state, putting her in a perpetual bloodthirsty rage. After Briar failed her missions and killed both allies and foes, she was put her in a pillory. Now, with the pillory on, she has some kind of control over her senses.

With a basic idea about Briar, here are her abilities in League of Legends.

Briar's Abilities in League of Legends

Briar is intended to be a dive-heavy champion who is also a berserker. Riot Games revealed that the developers took inspiration from the vampires of Eastern European folklore, and explained, "Not the sly, cunning Westernized vampires who chill in their castles sipping on blood wine."

Instead, they wanted to capture the essence of the monstrous, terrifying blood-hunters who ravage villages when they are in need of sustenance.

Therefore, her kit revolves around players trying to balance Briar's frenzied and controlled states. Here are her abilities:

Passive: Crimson Curse

Briar gains increased healing based on her missing health and her attacks and abilities apply a bleed for short duration that stacks. The bleed deals physical damage based on the number of stacks and heals Briar for a percentage of the pre-mitigation damage.

Notably, Briar has no base health regeneration and her abilities cost health to cast.

Q: Head Rush

Briar leaps to a target, stunning them for a short duration, dealing physical damage, and reducing their armor. Briar will stop prioritizing champions if she casts this ability on a minion or monster during Blood Frenzy.

W: Blood Frenzy/Snack Attack

Briar leaps to a location and enters a state of 'Blood Frenzy', self taunting to the nearest enemy (prioritizing champions) for a period of time. While in Blood Frenzy, she gains attack speed and move speed and her attacks now deal physical damage around the main target.

Briar can recast this ability to empower her next attack. It deals missing health physical damage and heals Briar for a large percentage of the damage dealt.

E: Chilling Scream

Begin Charging: Briar removes Blood Frenzy and gathers energy, gaining damage reduction and restoring health.

Release: Briar unleashes a scream that deals damage based on time charged and slows for a short duration. When fully charged the scream knocks back, dealing additional damage to enemies that hit a wall and stunning them.

R: Certain Death

Briar kicks a hemolith and flies to the location of the first champion hit, marking them as her prey. On landing she deals a large amount of physical damage to everything nearby and causes nearby enemies to flee. She then enters an empowered Blood Frenzy and will pursue her prey until one of them (either Briar or her prey) dies. During this time she gains armor, magic resist, and additional move speed.

Release Date for Briar in League of Legends

Briar’s release date in League of Legends is scheduled for LoL Patch 13.18. According to the official patch schedule for this season, Briar should be setting foot into Summoner's Rift on 13th September.

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